Clubs allowed to use former players in playoffs

Fisd Wizards

The Super League of Malawi has allowed teams that will contest in the playoffs over the weekend to use players sold during the current transfer window.

The Super League playoffs will begin on Friday and end on Sunday this week at Civo Stadium in Lilongwe.

Fisd Wizards
Wizards: Could recall their former players for the playoffs

Sulom general secretary Williams Banda said the teams will be allowed to use players they sold earlier this year to help them in the play-offs.

“Teams are free to recall all the players they released in the ongoing transfer market, but they will be allowed to use players who are yet to be registered with the Super League association of Malawi,” said Banda.

Banda added that Wizards have sold 9 players during the ongoing transfer market but he was too quick to say that only 3 players have sold have been registered with Sulom.

The three registered players are therefore not eligible to play in the playoffs since they are officially no longer Wizards players

players who have been sold by Wizards include Ernest Tambe, Rafiq Namwera, Mark Fodya, Brighton Munthari, Levinson Maganizo, and Mike Mkwate.

According to Banda, Dedza Young soccer have only released 2 players but they can be used by the team since they are still unregistered.

Banda further said that teams will also be allowed to only register 5 new players if they want to beef up their squads ahead of the play-offs.

2016 Super League playoffs fixtures

DAY 01

Friday 11th March, 2016

Airborne Rangers versus Wizards F.C @ Civo Stadium 14:30hrs

DAY 02

Saturday 12th March, 2016

Dedza Young Soccer versus Airborne Rangers @ Civo Stadium 14:30hrs

DAY 03

Sunday 13th March, 2016

Wizards F.C versus Dedza Young Soccer @ Civo Stadium 14:30hrs



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    Dont destroy our noble profession..some of ur stories are half baked..pliz check properly before put pen to paper….

  11. This is so.crazy and madness. How can the players save two masters and who will look aftr their medicals in case of injury also how can you safeguard match fixing? What’s your problem SULAM. ?

  12. Good news but unfair to Wizards. Sulom could jst gv chance tht though registered wth other teams but stil could stl b gvn a last chance to help their former clubs since its SULOMs mistake otherwise Dedza were the right candidates. Jack up SULOM avoid such mistakes next tym.

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