Zambia impounds trucks exporting Maize to Malawi


Authorities in Zambia have impounded 28 trucks loaded with maize destined for Malawi.

Each of the trucks was laden with 1,200 bags of maize heading to Malawi.

The trucks have been intercepted by Zambian officials and are being kept at Mwami Border in Eastern Province of Zambia.

Maize on high demand.

Malawi24 understands that the trucks have no export permits and have been stranded for three weeks at the border post.

The border’s manager told local media that the trucks belongs to a company known as NWK Commodities and were impounded after failure by the drivers to produce valid documentation to allow them transport the commodity to Malawi.

The Zambian government last year classified maize as a controlled commodity, meaning any export of the commodity has to be accompanied by an export permit issued by the country’s ministry of agriculture.

Meanwhile, the Zambian government has vowed to make sure that the impounded maize does not leave the border until investigations are concluded.



  1. Sakuyenera kutelo, ku apena akunyadira chani mmawa ndi iwo

  2. Amalawi mwaonatu kutinjoya ndi gaga pa mwami border tapangani ma ulimi otgulila aja osati bizzy ndi magalimoto odula eee inu

  3. y always Malawi on panic situation? God do something, hv mercy with us.

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