‘Most politicians in Malawi are selfish’- Matola


To the question ‘What can you say is the reason some officials are leaving your Peoples Party (PP) to join other parties?’, the party’s General Secretary Ibrahim Matola minces no words to label politicians in Malawi as ‘selfish.

Recently, there has been miscellaneous exodus of top officials from the party as well as wrangles being propelled by debates on who should lead the party even though the party’s founder, Joyce Banda opted to pick Uladi Mussa to be the acting president.

However, some officials have been pushing for Khumbo Kachali to be the leader to the extent that they sought an injunction that stopped Mussa and third vice president Kamlepo Kalua from discharging his duties.

The officials, Salim Bagus, Cliffer Kondowe, Bornwell Kapatuka, Daniel Kaipa and Zeleso Gomani went ahead to seek an injunction at Mzuzu High Court restraining the two from taking their positions.

After this officials have been leaving the party on various reasons. Some of the big names include Moses Kunkuyu who served as deputy publicist as well as Tony Ngalande.

Ibrahim Matola

Matola: Politicians are greedy.

But for Matola, the people who have left the party will ‘not’ be missed because they showed their true colors to leave the party because it is not in power now.

On this point, Matola said that the member were not loyal.

”They left the party because they were not loyal at all. Its a fact that most politicians in Malawi are fortune seekers. All they want is be part of a party that will give them positions and money.” Mtola told Capital Radio’s Talk Show program last week.

He then was sure enough to say that the same people who have been leaving the party will come back ‘soon’ saying the ex ruling party will bounce to power in the next elections (2019).


PP lost in a poll it disputed in 2014 following which there have been mixed rows over the absence of the party’s founder, Joyce Banda whose homecoming has been talked over and over again.

She has personally hinted on living in fear claiming the Peter Mutharika led government which booted her out of power intends to ‘politically prosecute’ her over her feared role in the infamous Cashgate scandal which took place under her watch.

Mutharika has since denied of having such plans and maintains his government will not net anyone on political reasons as asserted by Banda.

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