Malawi exporting many gardeners to South Africa


Malawi has been ranked as the country in Africa which exports the highest number of gardeners to South Africa.

According to a study by a South African online publication, there are a lot of Malawians in the rainbow nation who work as gardeners.

The publication claimed that most Malawian gardeners work in homes of white people who love them since they observed that Malawian nationals are “timid and can accept low wages.”



The survey also revealed that Somalians and Ethiopians run tiny convenience stores known as spaza shops in black townships.

According to The Economist , their study  found that  Zimbabweans are typically better educated than their South African peers, can be found totting up company accounts, working as mining engineers or failing that, waiting on tables.

The publication claims that South Africa is stable, functional, a prosperous place and a potential stepping stone to the rest of Africa but going to South Africa and getting a nice job is a challenging thing to many.

“Getting there is not easy. Many do it in stages, finding work along the way. Some are arrested and locked up. On South Africa’s border with Zimbabwe migrants must ford crocodile-infested rivers. Happily, the main fence is so tattered that you can simply walk through it. At many border posts, border guards demand bribes,” says the publication.

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