Morgan Heritage forsake Blantyre


The award winning Jamaican reggae group, the Royal Family of Morgan Heritage have announced that they will be performing in Lilongwe on 30th April and not in Blantyre as first rumoured.

Malawi24 understands that the Grammy awards winners will use Silver Stadium in the capital, a venue they used during last year’s infamous concert.

The band’s choice has not gone well with some reggae loving Blantyre dwellers as they claim it was their time to accommodate the royal family.

Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage: Set Lilongwe concert again.

The five member group made the announcement two days ago through their Facebook page.

However, the information was subject to a mixture of responses from Malawians with memories about Morgan Heritage’s failure to give a mesmerizing performance last year, playing a motivational role to a number of comments.

On 27th December last year, the reggae family disappointed people at Silver Stadium for lip synchronization during their performance.

This left people who patronized the show lamenting over their money, they felt the event did not live up to expectations.

The choice of Lilongwe has on the other hand been welcomed by others as they feel it will also give a chance to people who live in northern region to easily attend the music concert.

A conflict on the choice of venue has arisen due to a longstanding competition between the country’s major cities, Lilongwe and Blantyre. April 30 promises to be a reggae night in light of the fact that the Jamaicans will perform with a live band, contrary to what they gave Malawians two months ago. As once said by one of the band members, Mr Mojo, this time, every single band member will be present.

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