Malawians give thumbs up to mob justice

Neno Killings

Malawians have talked up mob justice arguing that the practice will help reduce crime in the country.

The development comes after an angry mob burnt seven people in Nsanje district for being found with human bones on Tuesday.

Neno Killings
Four eldery people were also slain recently in Neno.

Commenting on an article that Malawi24 published, Malawians have welcomed mob justice as a solution for dealing with people who commit serious offenses.

“This should be a warning to others, I recommend mob justice,” wrote Horance Kafwafwa.

Other readers argued that people who are against mob justice are not different to the ones who commit the crimes.

“Any person who is condemning mob Justice is like those people who killing people around the country,” Miguel Isaque Eugenio said.

According to the readers, failure by the police and the courts to bring to book people who commit crimes has made Malawians to lose trust in the two institutions and to resort to mob justice

Esmie Kantsitsi wrote: “Malawians are fed up, police and courts are full of corruption, mob Justice is the best, big up.”

However, human rights campaigner Timothy Mtambo has condemned people from Nsanje for burning the seven suspects.

“This is very bad for a country like Malawi, the police officers and courts are there for that. It will be good if this practice had ended earlier than yesterday,” said Mtambo.

Meanwhile, police in Nsanje district are investigating the matter to bring to book people behind the killing of the seven people.

Four elderly people were recently killed by a mob accusing them of witchcraft.



  1. Come on and think of a 9 year boy with albinism abducted from his home only to be beheaded! Jungle rule, akapezeka, Leopard matches go go go and consume them

  2. I’m behind that apolisi & makhoti chinyengo 2 much Justice system is fuckedup ngati pali umboni okwanila teroninawo ena atengelepo phunziro anthu oyipitsitsa komanso ochititsa manyazi mtundu wa Malawi

  3. Malawi is a peace loving country yes but is killing people, cutting off their private parts really good? Should we call it peace my brother?

    A Malawi tiyeni titsekule maso pls. Mukadikira a police mukuchedwa. Mukawapeza kaguleni petulo muwotche basi.

  4. tiyen nazo a malawi coz if u send thz pipo 2 police sachedwa kutuluka a police kuphweketsa deal kwambiri tidzingowapanga kanyenya tokha bas..

  5. Ngati mwapha mulungu akaweluza ciani nanga apolice azingabwanji mlanduwo mkutheka mitembo inayo inali mgulu la zigawengazo koma sanaphenao monga mudzi wosewo sudaphe zigawengazo nthayi imodzi kumaganiza mmmm huuuu

  6. kodi mukudandaula chiyani dzafa dzafa dzafitidzo kumalawi kuti oyeeeee malawi yomweyo panopa tinasiya kuwopa tizingophabas watsala peter muthalikayo kumeneko akuti ndilibe pulebulemu sheeeem malawi

  7. I will never support such brutality on innocent blood. Death sentence was removed because some of the people who were accused were innocent and could not afford good lawyers to defend them. Every human being has the right to leave. If these guy were involved in criminal activities they were supposed to be arrested and imprisoned.
    Stop encouraging people to take law in their own hands , one day it will be your brother or father being suspected and killed like this.
    Malawians are known as peace loving people I wonder where is this barbaric behavior came from

    1. I understand that but they were supposed to be locked in prison and use those human parts as the evidence in the court of law and let justice take its coarse

    2. Guys I am just sharing my opinion don’t take it personal and don’t use your emotion when making decision.
      I am not defending these guys who commit such atrocities as selling human parts. My concern is the act of taking matters in your own hands. There are protocols and rules that need to be followed . I believe as it is the duty of citizens in each country to obey the rules

  8. yes u doin gd job being anthu olakwa kuwaotcha ndi moto its gud kt mot wakumwamba udzakhele second,thats practical theory akakumana nayo ku heaven…

  9. Zikuoneka ngati izizi zikhoza kukhala zabwino kwa Olemera…Chifukwa akagwidwa amakhala wotetezedwa ndi Apolice .Taonani anthu awiri aja Dumisani ndi Gobwa ampha anthu wosalakwa kulanda Magalimoto ndikupha anuwake amagalimotowo Taonani pano ali Kuti???Ali kunyumba kudyerera ufulu….aAaa nthawi zina malamulo wena amagwira ntchito kwa anthu wosauka Basi…..

  10. The next man to be burned will be Kapinga from Zomba.

  11. Chilungamo ndichomwe anthuwo apanga kale nde apolisi akufuna chani

  12. Hhhhhmm ;(,Police & courts are too corrupt, imagine one has murdered a fellow being intentionally for whatever purpose and immediately is given police bailbond and or is being put in prison ONLY for less than ten years, how can u feel had it been was your own kinsman u corrupt minded judges and magistrates?????? And later yu pardon this murderer!!? Remember ” A title for tat solution ” was better during all times including that of Kamuzu Banda! Why shud the victims life be of no importance but that of the killer and nkumati “ufulu ufulu bwanji iyeyo sanaganize za ufulu wa mzakeyo??” I wholeheartedly and STRONGLY AGREE ON MOB JUSTICE , for our own police have failed us all!!

  13. i dnt c any crime dis pipo of nsanje has comited by burnin 7 pipo to death bcs if we luk at our police station dey hv failed us heavy together wif de courts .dea r alot of pipo in our prison wetin for dea case to go on yet each and everyday pipo r arrested bt u wll find dat a person z stayin much tym in police custody wetin for de court.its beta tizithana tokhatokha chifukwa apolisiwa atilephera ndi ma court mwangochuluka katangale basi.kugwira wakuba kuotcha basi kapena kumudula manja kuti asazabeso.amayenjedza kwambiri amenewa.

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