Manerela in trouble over gratuity


It never rains but pours for the once vibrant organization, Malawi Network of Religious Leaders Living with HIV (Manelera), as the organization has been taken to court over money.

The family of former executive director for the NGO, Emmanuel Domoya, has dragged the organisation to court demanding a whooping K10Million as a gratuity following the death of Domoya.

Domoya died at Mangochi’s Sun and Sand Holiday Resort while attending a stakeholder’s meeting.


Money missing.

According to a writ of summons filed with the courts, the family is demanding the money because Domoya died while on duty.

It is not known where the organization will get the money should the court rule in favor of the family. Recently, Norwegian Church Aid wrote the organization, demanding a refund of K8 million they had donated to the organization which the NGo could not account for.

It seems workers at the organization are always happy to see their pockets ballooned instead of running the intended HIV and Aids Programme.

“Yes I know the issue of Domoya, but the issue is in court so no comment,” said Sembereka who is the Executive Director.

Domoya became executive director of Manelera+ after Sembereka joined State House as Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs for former President Joyce Banda.

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