First Lady urges Malawians to plant more trees

Gertrude Mutharika
Gertrude Mutharika
Gertrude Mutharika ; Calls for more tree planting exercises.

Madam Gertrude Mutharika has urged Malawians to plant trees in order to arrest the devastating effects of climate change.

She said this in Mangochi during a tree planting exercise organised by the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Shire.

Madam Mutharika said that it is important to plant trees as they conserve soil and help in reducing soil erosion.

”I am urging Malawians to plant trees and beatify our country and also trees do facilitate rainfall hence the need to plant more trees,” said Madam Mutharika.

Mutharika further said that Beautify Malawi Trust will continue supporting in the conservation of trees.

60 million tree seedlings are expected to be planted in the 2015/16 tree planting season and different stakeholders have shown interest in planting more trees.



  1. Missing point. Are you sure trees are not important? Can you eat without usage of trees? Be realistic when arguing or kunyoza. Trees are prime important to Malawi economy. Wiping all trees are major causes of problems currently rocking the country. Planting trees are noble duties everyone should embrace for the good of the country. I see no reason blaming the leadership in engaging in tree planting. Most of if not all religious groupings are encourriging their congrigants to plant trees someone should say its not priority its shameful. Importance or roles of trees are so immense that no one would wisg to ignore. Mabvuto ali mdxiko muno are accummulated problems that requires time to resolve.These problems cannot be resolved overnite. Theres need for concerted efforts to end these problems.

  2. Aaaaah achamba eeeti,,mwakhutakhuta ku state house kwanuko mitengo isnt a priority nowadays,,njala imeneyi mai,,assaaaahhhhh

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