K2B Block resurfaces with blockbusters

K2B Block

Lilongwe based hip-hop family K2B Block has broken a one year silence having released a track titled “Kawale”.  

The group made the revelation to Malawi24 and said another hit titled “Malonda” is set to be released on Saturday.

According to the group, both audio and visuals for the songs will be made available to the public on 20th February.  

“After the recent release of our first single in 2016 titled Kawale, we are releasing another banger titled Malonda this coming Saturday. Both audio and video for the song will be released on the same date,” said Georjiz, one of the crew members.  

KB2 Block
KB2 Block: Out with bangs.

The six-member group has assured their fans about quality in Malonda. The song is claimed to be much better than their 2014 release, Anzao a masteni, in as far as sense of reality is concerned. It is also not targeting people of all ages.

The capital city boys have also revealed that they are going to record an album this year hence their fans should expect great works of art. The Kawale residents are synonymous with creativity in their music which they promise to replicate in future projects.

The forthcoming song has unique elements but K2B Block did not want to spoil the fun by revealing what is inside the package. They say the song is a special gift to their fans hence it is worth wrapping in decorated packs so as to make it more of a surprise.

Georjiz has also denied reports that group members had gone their separate ways.

He said: “school and other things kept us busy but I can assure you that nobody has left.”   

Apart from Georjiz, other members of the group include Dette Flo, Kd-Z, Adha Yungz, Blaq Kid, and Sholigah who is currently based in South Africa, but is still part of the projects.  

The group came into the spotlight in late 2013 after releasing a track titled “Chimidzi Swaga” which took the local urban music industry by storm. Then in 2014 they released “Anzao amasteni”, a track that enhanced their fame.



  1. These guys came wt sumtin new,really new in da industry,chimizi swagga,anzao amasten,nyimbo ya masten imenei,u worked hard guys,u guys dnt suck to be real,ma lines anu n the way u arrange em yoo its amazing,pena ndekha kumangoseka kut mawuwa mukumaalumikiza bwanj,that’s y we luvd n voted for ur work n we want u guys to keep on intertaining us wt ur gud staffs owez,enawa kutamba uku,zaufiti izi,analozedwa ndipo they knw notin about this industrial system,kukopera ndlibe nako ntchito coz we try kut kod anthu zaasangalasa,n KAWALE (roll up remix)made my week yoo,much luv n respect to yall guys


  2. Akumaba nyimbo ku south africa,kawale nyimbo imeney achta kumatula ciliconse mafana anayamba bho kom mmmm umbava 2much

  3. crew ya mashasha ase call us expendables….mumatha huys

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