Police arrest Nigerian drug dealer


Police in the commercial city of Blantyre have arrested a Nigerian national for being found with cocaine.arrested

The suspect, 47 year-old Prince Chukwudi, was arrested last week at Chileka Airport when he had just jetted into the county.

Blantyre Police Assistant Public Relations Officer Andrew Mayawo confirmed the arrest and said the suspect, who is based in the country, was also found with Ivory worth K4 million at his residence in Nyambadwe where officers went to look for more drugs.
The suspect will soon appear in court to answer charges of being found in possession of dangerous drugs contrary to section 35 of the Pharmacies, Medicines and Poisons Board Act.



  1. These nigerians are very influentual in drug dealing, i dont knw wy. Even southafrican government is in trouble with these notorius nigerians. Deport all those drug dealers out of malawian soils coz they are going to ruin our failed state.

  2. Just an observation. As these are dangerous drugs the most appropriate law is the Dangerous drugs Act as opposed to the pharmacy Act. The penalties under the Dangerous drugs Act could be stiffer

  3. Nigeria ndi ovutadi posepose, koma mwamumanga chonchi mchifukwa choti iye sanafune kukupasani ndalama, apo biii sitikanamva komwe zoti pali ka dilu ma drags.

  4. Thanks for the arrest, we will be happy if you arrest those who have been stealing the government money during their leadership then we will know that you know your job.

  5. Each and every country its only these kind of people selling drugs and nyaope and 2moro he will be out after paying 2much(money talks).

  6. Cocaine inna mi country!! Whattt????… police,MDF,Migration! Enough with the blind eye, or is it that you have been given your cut…. wake up Airports and borders!!!..

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