Survival of newly planted trees pleases government


Government through the Ministry of Natural Resources Energy and Mining says the dry spell that has hit most parts of the country is having less effect on the survival of trees planted in the current tree planting season.

A man plants a tree

Public Relations Officer in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Sangwani Phiri said officers from his ministry have visited some areas in the country and they are pleased with the high number of trees that are surviving.

He mentioned the northern region as the area where most trees have survived saying that the success is due to a good rainfall pattern in the region.

He however assured Malawians that the trees planted in other regions of the country will continue to survive due to the presence of moisture in the areas.

The national tree planting season started on 15 December 2015 and is expected to end in the month of April this year. The theme for this year’s Tree Planting Season is “Arrest Deforestation and Plant Trees and Conserve Forests”.

Sixty million tree seedlings are expected to be planted in the 2015/2016 forestry season across the country.



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