Gender inequality worries NGO


NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) has expressed concern over low representation of women in politics and decision making positions in the country.

According to NGO-GCN, although the 1995 Malawi constitution guarantees equal rights to men and women in Malawi, there are still various obstacles to equality. gender inequality

However, the organisation acknowledged that government has been making efforts to see to it that women participate actively and benefit equally from government’s programs and that there should be a greater number of women in decision making positions in the public and private sector though little progress has been made.

Speaking to the local media, chairperson for gender related programs at NGO-GCN Carloline Mvalo said for a long time most women have been sidelined in decision making position.
”There is an increase in sidelining women especially in decision making positions and as an organisation we want to promote women and help them get the decision making positions,” said Mvalo.

Mvalo further expressed worry over the increase in abuses against women and children in the country.

However, reports show that lack of education and economic empowerment are fuelling gender based violence in the country.



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