Amfumu Khondiwa set to launch poetry album

Kenneth Khondiwa

One of the country’s poets Amfumu Kenneth Khondiwa will next month launch a CD and DVD for his album which is titled “Anaponda ndi Mapazi Satana”.

The launch will be held at Chrichi Multipurpose Gardens in Chitawira, Blantyre on March 6.

Speaking to Malawi24, the poet, who is also a presenter for Times Radio said most of his poems are just for entertainment.

Kenneth Khondiwa
Kenneth Khondiwa; To launch album.

”My poems are just for entertainment and there are some poems that teach us as they talk about real life issues,” said Khondiwa.

He added that his passion for poetry started in primary school when he used to listen to a program on MBC radio 1 hosted by Gospel Kazako.

Khondiwa has since urged his fans to go to the launch with their families so that they should have fun.

Some of the poems to be featured in the CD include DJ wa ku Shower, Tisewere ndi maina, and Maloto.

Supporting artists at the launch will include Robert Chiwamba, Raphael Sitima, Joseph Madzedze, Slyvester Kalizang’oma, Hudson Chamasowa, Wamtali Savala Gogoda and GYV dancing troupe.

Musician King James Phiri will also perform at the event.

Khondiwa says he will also hold another launch at Lilongwe CCAP hall on the March 27.



  1. Ambiri akanaxapta chamasowa ukanat usamuitane….paja anakhwatchitsa za magay zja2 & an2 tnanena kut kopezeka iye stmapta. Ganizanipo bwino amfumu

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