Mtendere Secondary school forced to close after malaria attack

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HIV Test MalawiThirty students from Mtendere Secondary School in Dedza district have been sent home for proper medication after being hit by Malaria. The headteacher of the school Brother Ganiza confirmed the development to the local media.

He said the students have been sent home to receive proper medicaction after suffering seriously from the disease.

According to Ganiza, the situation is out of hand due to the increase of mosqutos which are everwhere at the campus.

Ganiza added that some teachers are falling to perform thier duties due to the situation.

He said a quick solution should be considered before the situation worsens.

In reaction to the issue, Dedza District Hospital Public Relations Officer Anord Ndalira said the hospital has already sent health workers to curb the sitiuation.



  1. Malawi 24 mukutionjeza ndi bodza lanulo. By the way, you journalists where is your integrity? I am one of the teachers there and nothing of this nonsense has happened. Anayamba ndi a zodiak nawo kutchyapula bodza lawo

  2. Hope they work things out well. I was blessed to attend Mtendere Secondary school for four years. Best thing to have happened in my life

  3. so whats the point coz the heading says that mtendere has been closed while the body is saying that 30 students hav been sent due to malaria

  4. More mosquitos,this has bene done in brazil,and it has ben identified as a form of biological warfare,and the mosquitos are being released,created the virus by Bill Gates

  5. it could be true,,my sister is lying in hospital suffering malaria n she needed blood transfusion but 4 of my relative who went to donate the blood anawepezanso ndi malungo

  6. Eish! Koma amalawi ife tidzangonjetsa malungo mmene tinayambila muja taonani paka ana a school kupita kwawo kamaba ka malungo

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