Kananji out of Nomads coaching role

Jack Chamangwana

Mighty Wanderers have named ex Malawi national football team vice coach  as its mentor, subsequently replacing Elia Kananji who has no minimum requirement for local coaches in the Super League which is the CAF B license.

Last month, Malawi24 reported that Kananji was likely to fall victim to the requirements after football authorities said that mentors without the sought qualifications will not be allowed to coach teams in the season to start in two months time.

Jack Chamangwana
Chamangwana: Now coach.

Chamangwana had previously been at Nomads and the national team before he got chopped alongside his colleague Young Chimodzi as the Flames succumbed to a poor run of form.

The Nomads roped Chamangwana in November last year as technical director replacing Yasin Osman who had bid farewell at the Lali Lubani side.

Ahead of the new season, the Nomads camp are rumored to chip in Japanese player Genk Nakamura, thanks to their sponsors Be Forward.

They have also been joined by Peter Wadabwa from Silver Strikers.

The Nomads held executive and supporters committee polls last week.



  1. A Malawi24, be professional. You have to do research on your own rather than relying on other papers. If you could have asked Wanderers’ GS about the issue, he could have told you that Kananji has been deployed to assistant coach as he awaits for CAF C AND CAF B licence courses. Once he passes all courses, he will retain as a head coach. Basi mukamva nkhani muzipanga kaye research the truth behind the story. This is not the first time to tell you about professionalism. Moreover, your title doesn’t reflect what is in the story. Za ma transfer zikukhuzana bwanji ndi title yanuyo? Why couldn’t you talk about other people (coaches) who have been sacked?. Ontop of that, Kananji is not a victim since he has been given a chance rather than Oscar Kaunda.

  2. Bullets did it and pipo were all over saying mapale ndi mbuli ,now inu ma graduates a noma mumanyoza ife a bb lero you have done the same, so who is a mbuli here?everywhere qualification is vital even when driving a vehicle without licence amakugwila olo ulo woziwa bwanji now bwana Kananji go back to class if you need not to be embrassed again,course ya 3months iyi b licence

  3. Ameneyo Ndie Neba Safuna Chizolowez Pepan Akananji Ithink Mukapume Munyanya Uhule Timaona Ngat Neba Alongosoka Momwe Munatisiya Muja Koma Aaaaa Mwakolola Nansongole Pitan Ku Nsundwe United Kkkk

    1. And Above From That Xul Yomwe Ukunena Iweyi Ndiyosiyana Ndi Mpira!Ngakhale Akanati Anapanga Graduate Pa College Of Medicine Koma Caf B Simakamba Zati Unapanga Graduate Kapena Ayi!!Go To Google And Search!Sibwino Kuyankhula Choncho Mulungu Amadalitsa Mosiyana,inuyo Za Tsogolo Lanu Amadziwa Ndi Mulungu Yekha.Sorry Ngat Ndayankhula Udyo!

  4. Yah nkhani yakula apa ndi sanje tione English boy what he’s going to offer. Apeter mukuti he is running out of idea to run the country.kananji loves soccer and his club let him to finish his contract

  5. Osangomupatsa udindo wina kuti akane yekha azipita bwanji?sambi

  6. Zaumbuli basi mwaziwa lero what about those prayers who doesn’t speak English are u going to fire them who said English coach football do u watch soccer i used to coach, coaching big team but he doesn’t speak English.

    1. Poor english, improve on subject and verb agreement. We say players who ‘dont’ not who ‘doesnt’. Improve in spellings we say players not prayers. Also try to improve in punctuation mark so that readers can understand

  7. Hahahahahaha ku malawi ati #ENGLISH ngati sutha kuyankhura basi chako palibe..kodi inu ndinu azungu? Timawona ma coach ambiri akumaiko akunja satha kuyankhura chizungu koma amakocha ma team odziwika bwino pa nkhani za masewero,. Mmmmh BIG SORRY TO MY #NEBA aka nyerere

    1. Bwana mumakonda mpira ndipo mumaonela mipila simunaoneko coach osatha chizungu nanga mapuleya wosatha chizunguwa muwatani kodi simuwasapota

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