Kamlepo warns Mutharika: ‘I will expose your secrets’

Peter Mutharika

People’s Party (PP) third vice president Kamlepo Kalua has promised Malawians that he will reveal all secrets of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government.

He told Malawi24 on Thursday that he is working with some cabinet ministers who are leaking information to him about secrets of Mutharika and his government.

Kamlepo Kalua
Kalua: has warned Mutharika

Kalua did not mention the names of the cabinet ministers he is working with but said there are many things the DPP led government is doing that will keep exposing Malawians to a hell on earth.

“This government and its president are corrupt. Soon, I will tell you how they are tricking Malawians while swindling billions,” he said.

He further branded Mutharika and his government as ‘agents of doom’ who are hiring thugs to be disrupting PP meetings.

He claimed that his sources who are within DPP have been telling him that Mutharika is ready to spend billions just to sponsor PP’s downfall.

“He is afraid of PP because he knows that we are very strong in the country. Because he has money he is doing all those tricks to weaken our mighty party. I know that DPP was behind the fracas that happened on Sunday,” he claimed.
His sentiments however contradicted those of his president, Uladi Mussa, who thought the fracas was fuelled by fired PP official Mzomera Ngwira and Khumbo Kachali who are against his authority.

When reminded what his boss said, Kalua insisted he did not contradict his master but was just expressing his knowledge on the matter.

However, DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila was not immediately available to comment on Kalua’s claims.

Meanwhile, there are divisions in the former ruling party as some top officials have hinted at dumping the party for another party.

Kalua however said PP is ready to conduct some political rallies across the country soon.



  1. Mr Kamlepo Kalua.Its high time you stop confusing Malawians.Secrets?Dont you have your own secrets?As a legislature you could have been talking issues of national interest not this trash.You enjoyed this type of politics anthu asanapenye,olamulira osapenya.Osamadzitama ai…..


  3. Avomereze kuti chipani chikutha ngati makatani ichi,ndiye akufuna abweretse chisokonezo mdziko muno,akhaula.DPP MOTO KUTI BUUU!!

  4. hahahaha mr kamlepo c’mon…….. Dont b lyk D. Trump… A dnt blame u i know those scretes ar hurting u inside wheather coz u are nt benefitin wit them or for political fame…… Dont just go and make noise in the media… If u hav enough evedencies u have that responsibility to sue the DPP government and rescue malawians…

  5. can u reveal nw plz! ndalamazathu zisamangobedwa chonchi ayi,kalua do som’thn’

  6. Khani si imeneyo akuti kalua akusunga zi sitsi za chipani cholamula chotibera ndalama, uyakhe pamenepo

  7. Kape ameneyi akuona ngati muluzi ankampezelela maluzi akamukwapula, uotcha nfana

  8. Kamlepo ndi Mbuzi ya munthu, moti zoona pali iyepo kumaganiza kt PP ndi ya mphavu. Akungofuna kutukwanidwa samava bwino akapanda kunyozedwa

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