Malawians asked to go for Cancer screening


Kamuzu Central HospitalPeople in the country have been encouraged to go for cancer screening so that the disease should be detected early when the chances of survival are highest.

Chairperson for Cancer Association of Malawi (CAM), Gladys Mwale made the call in interview with Malawi24 ahead of World Cancer Day which falls on February 4.

Mwale explained that people are suffering in silence since they are not aware of their cancer status, a development which comes because they do not go for screening due to lack of cancer knowledge.

“Many people out there are suffering in silence and this is more in cervical and breast cancers. Malawians have to develop the habit of going to the hospitals for check-ups because that is the only way we can quickly be checked by experts,” she said.

She added that her organization is trying to fight the disease by among others strengthening awareness campaigns.

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