Parents urged to take care of their children

pupils at mbawa school march

Mchinji district social welfare office has asked parents to properly look after their children so that they do not go on the streets to beg for food.

Mchinji social welfare officer Rodwell Chunga said the fact that parents let their children go in the street and beg for food shows that the guardians are irresponsible hence they need to face the law.

”It is a crime to let children beg in the streets as they have the right to be properly cared for by their parents,” said Chunga.

pupils at mbawa school march
Children: Need care.

He added that children are exposed to abuse whenever they are on the streets and his office trace those parents who run away from their responsibility.

”We understand that due to hunger and other family problems parents are running away from their homes but we are asking them to still look after their children despite the hunger,” he said.

Chunga added that they try to create awareness to community members to know that children have the right to proper care.

Previously, the minister of gender, children, disability and social welfare Patricia Kaliati warned irresponsible parents who let their children wander around and beg for food that they will arrested.



  1. Even the malawi gvmnt begs so where do you thick they gonna get food since everything is money .its better those children they beg right here in malawi but gvmnt begs from west.If you want them to stop begging Give them b4 they beg

  2. News 24 ukunama kwambiri zinthu zomwezo unati ndiza ku zimba edingene t a m,mberwa lero ukuti uza za ku mchinji sindazakukhulupila potso iyai

  3. But if the parents they Don’t have to them Houses the management team to work out how they can produce more food and the Children’s after to looks for food to the streets to make Sports or to Studies a lot About them professional development future for them next Generation not to Surfers Hope Everything will be good for my Malawi Children’s miss them a lot long time now never Back again hope soon there.

  4. Freedom to have enough food against responsibility to be well looked after. Game zikwanje. komanso simunaimalize bwino nkhani yi.

    1. same says in Lilongwe so much food but How the small children’s they can get to Lilongwe or Kasumulu is Far just Few of people’s who have car to take food Lilongwe and give there is solution to this place but no Coplain the Children’s have them Right to looks after them self if the parents they Don’t give food in the House’s people’s please this children’s services to get anywhere but they have to get food them places soon

  5. What poor analysis and conclusion. If parents had food, they could not allow their children to beg in the streets Mr Rodwell Chunga. You appear to be living on a different planet. Life is very hard for people and what you see are the signs and symptoms of government failure to effectively provide the people with food and other basic need of the people. Please get your facts and analysis right. Its a shame that you think that way. Give parents food then they will be able to control their children and you should not run away from your responsibility

  6. If the parent doesnt have anything in the house do u expect children to sit and starve no..they want full stomach thats why they go begging??who is to blame??

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