Shire highlands hotel busted


… Was stealing water from Blantyre Water Board

The demon of stealing which led to the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo is not just for government officials, Malawi24 has the information.


The hotel was stealing water

According to media reports, Blantyre Water Board officials have busted one of the country’s oldest hotels, Shire Highlands Hotel in Blantyre.

The reports which have been monitored by Malawi24 indicate that the hotel had made an illegal connection which they were using for the hotel.

“They had a legal connection which they were using for smaller things, however for such things as plant watering, bath water for their clients and most of the stuff that demand huge amounts of water, they were using the illegal connection,” a source said to Malawi24.

It is said that the hotel had connected through a pipe of BWB after bypassing the metre which is used to record water usage and costs of the water used.

Meanwhile, the Water Board has challenged that it will charge Shire Highlands for the water they have been using. Malawi24 understands that the cost runs into hundreds of millions.

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