Child NGO wants solutions on albino attacks


Malawi Government has been asked to take measures that will help reduce cases of albino attacks and child defilements this year.

Eye of the Child, one of the human rights advocates in the country, made the plea in its New Year message.

Albino attacks worrisome in Malawi. (Google images)

Through its social media platform, Eye of the Child described 2015 as a cheerless year due to increase of violations of minority rights among them child defilements and albino attacks.

“Eye of the Child is saddened with rampant attacks of albinos and the increasing numbers of child defilement cases in the year 2015. Almost each and every week, one or two children were defiled. Therefore, we would like to call upon the government to take responsible measures that will protect the child,” the organisation said.

The advocate also called on Malawians to take part in ending any violence against albinos and children in the year 2016 in order to build a good future for the country.

The organisation, however, commended government for enacting the Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act, a development which the child NGO believes offers fresh air and relief to children who have always been victims of child marriages.

The organization also hailed the enactment of the Trafficking in Persons Act by government saying it will protect children and prevent the incidences of trafficking that kept on increasing every year.



  1. Now we submit our players to you our God for albino solutions for those who do this they have more power on us because albino also they are your people and your beloved son was die for them

  2. Not Government coz it’s impossible to guard every corner of this Country. Every individual Malawian must take full responsiblity to protect all CHILDREN & report of any suspicions.

  3. God of mercy will see through this demonic spirit attacking God’s Images, they are also human beings. You can’t be rich by killing a people.

  4. Chomwe mumaletsera mob justice nchiyani? Poti mumalephera kuthetsa mchitidwe oipawu. Tipatseni mpata tigwire ntchito yothetsa izi, muone kuti tingathane nawo bwanji. Kupha anthu osalakwa mumaganiza bwanji?

  5. Awanso ndianthu monga tonse tiliri;ndizomvesa chisoni kuti anthu akuchitiridwa nkhanza zosiyanasina.Izi ziri chomwechi chifukwa cha zikhulupiliro zomwe anthuwa akuzidziwa.Ambuye alange onse omwe akukhuzidwa ndi mchitidwe wopusawu.Amen

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