Albino abductor arrested


Malawi Police in Machinga district are keeping in custody a 24 year-old man for attempting to abduct a person with albinism.

ArrestedAccording to Machinga police spokesperson Davie Sulumba, the suspect tried to entice the potential victim’s brother to help abduct his sister.

Sulumba identified the suspect as Mandela Paipi. Speaking to Malawi24 yesterday, Sulumba said the suspect met Wyson Mackson 21, a brother to a 9 year-old girl with albinism and promised to give him K500,000 kwacha if he could steal the girl.

“Mackson informed his mother of the inhumane plans of Paipi and the suspect was arrested by members of community policing before he accomplished his mission,” Sulumba said.

Paipi who hails from Nachuma village in the area of senior chief Mkoola in Machinga district will soon appear before court to answer charges of conduct likely to cause breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the penal code.

Police have since warned people who have interest in such malpractice that the police are vibrant and will apprehend them all.



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