US bails ministry of health with 185 emergency vehicles

US donation to Malawi
US donation to Malawi
US donation to Malawi

As Malawi is going through tough times in health service delivery, the United States of America has handed 185 emergency vehicles including 15 ambulances to the Ministry of Health.

During the donation function which took place on Friday, US Embassy Charge d’ Affaires Michael Gonzales handed over 185 emergency vehicles to the Ministry of Health, including 15 motor vehicle ambulances, 162 bicycle ambulances, and eight motorcycles.

According to Gonzales, the donation is part of the US Government’s ongoing support to end preventable child and maternal deaths in Malawi.

The US hopes that the ambulances will help strengthen the Ministry of Health’s service delivery in five districts: Lilongwe rural, Balaka, Machinga, Mangochi, and Nsanje.

The US has already delivered three of the motor vehicle ambulances to Machinga district in response to the recent cholera outbreak.

Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume thanked the US government for the donation saying it has come in time.
He also promised that his ministry will be ensuring that the vehicles are utilised accordingly.



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