Street kid’s charity chief visits Malawi

Chisomo Children's Club

The Chief executive officer of Retrak International, an international organization that helps street kids, jetted in the country on Monday to meet organizations which Retrak is funding.

Speaking to reporters soon after jetting in the country, Retrak International Chief Executive Officer, Peter Fahy, said he was very happy to be in Malawi where among other things he said he would meet with various stakeholders from both government and NGOs.

Fahy is traveling with his organizations’ programme Manager Maggie Screwes.

Chisomo Children's Club
Chisomo Children’s Club

According to their programme, Peter and Maggie on Tuesday toured Lilongwe Transit Centre and head offices of Chisomo Children’s Club, met UNICEF Chief Protection Child Protection officer, and also met officials from Plan Malawi.

On Wednesday, Peter and his team are expected to meet with officials from Ministry of home affairs and internal security and members of staff from Chisomo Children Club.

Retrak is working in Malawi through Chisomo Children Club whom they adopted in 2013.

Retrak’s mandate is to see African street children discover their wealth through clear understanding of re-integration practices.

The organisation is fulfilling its mandate by funding Chisomo Chisomo Club with US$ 1.9 Million for the next five years.



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