Catholic Bishop calls on govt to address food crisis

Bishop-Martin Mtumbuka

Bishop of Karonga Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church Martin Mtumbuka has called on the Malawi government to address the food crisis that citizens are facing.

Mtumbuka argued that Malawians are struggling to access the staple grains in Admarc depots of the country.

Bishop-Martin Mtumbuka
Bishop-Martin Mtumbuka:  Malawians are struggling to access maize.

The Catholic leader further expressed sympathy as people spend days on long queues to buy 20 kilograms of maize.

The development follows media reports revealing that most Admarc depots across the country have run out of maize to sell to Malawians who have been affected by hunger.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Felix Jumbe, has disclosed that logistical problems are affecting maize delivery in Admarc depots of the country.

Jumbe however said authorities are working around the clock to ensure people have maize for their families in the country.

According to a Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) report, about 3 million citizens are food insecure due to devastating floods that hit the country early last year.



  1. What a shame for malawians goverment is doing nothing but time the bring u a packet of sugar be open malawians

  2. Our bishops in this country is one of the leaders take part to help people about this hungry it’s for every malawian or well wisher even those who called the opposition party is its time to fighting this hungry don’t late to point finger some body.

  3. Why my cntry every yr we complain about hunger?yet water flows in its rivers throughout the yr,r we all dull pple that we don’t why God gave us lakes and rivers?i pity our diluted brains.

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