Magufuli bans miniskirts

John Magufuli
John Magufuli
Magufuli said have banned miniskirts

Tanzania President John Magufuli has reportedly banned miniskirts on the belief that they are contributing towards the spread of HIV in that country.

A darling among many Malawians who prefer him to Malawi President Peter Mutharika who they have accused for sleeping on the job is said to have issued a presidential decree to make miniskirts illegal in Tanzania.

Media reports in Kenya and South Africa have claimed that the ‘Bulldozer’ as Magufuli is often referred to in Tanzania, believes short dresses encourage promiscuity and the spread of HIV.

Malawi24 was unable to independently verify with absolute certainty these claims.

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  1. Ndibwina Kufunza our New president now is Good problems now Zanzibar the place where they push Artist and to give European people’s

  2. I like U mr president! Bun dem as much as U can! U Can even bun deos women trousers if U like bcos if we’ll not do something abt our African Ladies,Very soon we’ll C dem walking nakade like de American Idols.

  3. I think there still good readers in Africa……Magufuli keep it up sizathu zilikunozi ali bizy kusakasaka galimoto yachimbuzi momo nsezte Bwampini

    1. We are not chasing people we want our fellow neighbors to legalize their status.
      As a father you must understand and know exactly number of yr family and you must make sure how many guests visit at yr house so as to have a plan.
      Take this TAZARA constructed freely by chinese for benefit of Tanzania and Zambia.
      But are chinese ready to do the same to us or africa in general?
      Take the history of Tanzania since 1960s up to know on contribution to the continent, AU SADC and EAC then blem us.
      Tanzanians are ready to stay with hunger for feeding their Africans ask yr fathers they will tell you!
      As a man you need not to have kids that you cant control them.
      Yes as africans we have our in common but everyone must take his responsibility.
      Take an example of zulu empire and ask yr self was it easy for zulus to come to Mwanamutapa empire without being registered?

  4. Am sorry
    Please sorry
    You are feeding your people wrong information.
    Am Tanzanian.
    Presidency is an institution and president is a person.
    About banning minskirt to the public areas that was done by minister of information or press as you can say named Nape Moses Nnauye.
    Now days people are saying Magufuli is chasing foreigners while not and its an order of deputy minister of home affairs requiring foreigners to legalize their status otherwise they must go you can ask those responsible as am linking them to you.
    Magufuli is a not like bad image that you want us to believe.

    1. Minister of information is govt spokesperson. He is communicating govt stance on dressing. Magufuli is Head of Govt. The conclusion therefore is that Magufuli’s govt has banned mini skirts

  5. Inu a Happy Dominiko,its u who is out of order just by replying to my comment and I dint say its up for your shallow and baseless reply.akee

  6. If a woman choses to put on short skirts,why should one be bothered.Its her freedom.It reminds me of the short lived craziness which I witnessed in Zomba when Parliament repealed some legislation which had hitherto prohibited the wearing of short skirts.

  7. Guys guys this is Tanzania tell us focus on men to men issue thats ur storie…tisachose chisoso cha mdiso la TZ chanthuchi achose ndani?

  8. Why should Malawi24 publish a story they have failed to independently verify if it’s true? This is rumour mongering worth punishing a media house for!

  9. We are voting this year for change in terms of copying what Magufuli has done in Tanzania.

  10. This is madness uhule ndi mtima ,kaye those people wearing long clothes ndi hijab ndi ma bokoharam kudyetsa too much za mtiii pepani ina nkhani bwana president

  11. wabwera ndi zake galu amenei eti? Zimenezo azikamuuza mkazi wake ndi ana ake sadziwa kuti anthu ali ndi ufulu wakavalidwe padziko lapansi

  12. Kumeneko ndiye kubwera!! Msogoleri azikhala olimbikisa chikhalidwe osati zomangotengeka ndi manyaka omwe! Ndikanakonda kuno ku Mw msogolo muno muzapezeke Msogoleri olimba mtima ngati ameneyi kuti mwina azathe kubwezeresa chikhalidwe chathu chozisungira ulemu osati izi zomangovomereza ndi #MATHANYULA omwezi

  13. “If you walk around wearing miniskirts displaying your thighs and then get raped, it is your fault, because you have invited men to drool over you yourself .” Madame Grace Mugabe

  14. Ngakhale kuti chikhalidwe nchofunikira, njira imene watengayi sanatsate malamulo. Kumuchemelera mtsogoleri wotereyu will end up being a dictator.

    1. ndi bwino kukhala ndi msogoleri Dictator kuti zinthu zambiri zitetezeke kusiyana ndi kukhala ndi msogoleri omangovomereza zili zonse mapeto ake anthu kumakhala ngati zidole mpakana kufika nazo pa misala yovomereza mathanyula

  15. Wora Ma Gufuli C Xa Apitara Kwawo Nd Kugura Galimoto Yokunya Momo At Mgalimoto Kukhara Masterz Bedroom Esh A2 Akunyengana Ofanana Ziwalo Kkkkkk #bwampin

    1. Hae am Kenyan ….i agree wid u on dat.. Guys we are in modern era nt stone age.why disregard Thea rights.I personally thnks he was nt fair…its NT because miniskirts are allwd in Kenya.Think one shuld b allwd to dress on wht u r comfortable wid..

  16. In my opinion it doesn’t make logical sense as to how women wearing mini skirts would contribute to the rise of this HIV/AIDS phenomenon,however,a woman wearing a mini skirt would at some level arouse a man’s sexual desires-as often some parts are flashed for all to see,having this fact in mind,I would believe that such cases where u find a woman wearing such things in public are in some places rare or in some places not too common,as most women in many parts of Africa prefer jeans,traditional wear,dress or a right size skirt and perhaps blouse,this includes Tanzania,so for me as good as it sounds,but it doesn’t make logical sense,as there is many factors contributing to the rise of this phenomenon.

  17. Thats the bst way 2minimise the spread of HIV/Aids n’Ealy pregnancies,this youngstersd the way they Dress thats wy Rape is high”2Bann minskirt is the right way than Presdent of #ANGOLA who close all mosques across its Country,2bannie religious mslms will end up in Conflicts! Bt iwonder our #BWAPHWINI n’its Management he never do smtng Example,wt He knws 2legalise GAYS’n’2demolish our country Economy!

  18. KKKKK akunamatu Magufuli ameneyu. HIV is a 1979 virus and it spread much in Malawi from that time through the 80s when they were no miniskirts allowed by the iron fist MCP regime. So how does he explain that????

  19. Tanzania is a democratic country no one is allowed to violate someone’s rights. the human rights must take part of it

  20. kkkk that gud president is now becoming more guder,next time no ladies in beer drinkin places,i think this is also 1 thing that fuels to spreading of HIV

  21. That is good. Azungu asaononge culture yathu. We have to follow what African culture is asking for. We had our grandfathers and mother they never did this, they respected their culture. Why us?

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