Jealous man beats ex-wife into a coma in Nkhatabay


Malawi Police in the northern region district of Nkhatabay have launched a manhunt for a man who is suspected to have severely thumped his ex-wife into a coma because of jealousy.

Police publicist for the district sergeant Ignatius Esau confirmed the incident and identified the victim as 29 year-old Tryness Banda from Ziyamu village traditional authority Malengamzoma in Nkhatabay.

Malawi24 understands that the two separated over three months ago due to unspecified reasons but the man was still tracing his ex-wife to prevent her from marrying again.

A source said on this fateful day, the man who is a fisherman left his fishing net and followed his ex-wife to a place where she went to dance.

crime (2)“She went there to participate in Chilimika dances. The man got more jealous and furious to see his ex-wife happily participating in the dances. He thought other men were behind her happiness thus he planned of beating her,” said the source.

He then hid in a certain bush knowing that his ex-wife will pass by the place. When she did, he dragged her into the bush and began thumping her with a stick to the extent that she lost conscious.

Police publicist Esau said some people who found the woman unconscious took her to Chintheche hospital where she was treated.

“After she gained some consciousness she came and reported the matter to police and when we followed up, we found that the man had already run away,” he said.

Esau said once arrested, the man will answer charges of intending to cause grievous harm in accordance with section 435 of penal code.

The suspect hails from Ziyamu village traditional authority Malengamzoma in Nkhatabay district as well.



  1. Thats Bullshit,do You Know What Made Him To Do So?,instead Of Huntingdown Those People Who Are Killing Innocent People And Not Forget Robbers Now You Are Busy Dealing With Marriage Issues.

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