Malawi govt speaks tough on gender based violence

Malawi Patricia Kaliati
Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati; We need change.

The Malawi government through the minister of gender, children, disability and social welfare, Patricia Kaliati, has condemned the increase in cases of gender based violence in the country.

The condemnation follows the shooting of a woman and her 13 year-old child by the woman’s husband in the commercial city of Blantyre on Monday.

According to reports on the shooting, the man shot his wife and step-child before committing suicide. The man is also reported to have accused his wife of cheating on him.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lilongwe, Kaliati said government will not allow gender based violence to continue in Malawi.

“As a minister I will not allow this to continue in Malawi. Most men use power to settle disputes and it is not acceptable in this country,” said Kaliati.

Kaliati further urged women in the country to be reporting cases of gender based violence to law enforcers.



  1. Plz speak tough on Homosexuality issue you’re just quite on this matter now you’re busy telling Malawians eeeee Govnt eee speaks tough on bra bra bra bra bra bra nonsense mxwwiiiii

  2. A strong man doesn’t beat on women,only cowards do,think about a case where the woman is not fighting back and you continue kicking her to pulp,not only is this an act of a coward but also coupled with lack of decency..don’t abuse our mothers,where would we all be if it wasn’t for our mothers?

  3. U shitmouthed woman Kaliati or w@ soever ur called,,,,u cnt tlk boldly abt gender based violence bt kip quiet on homosexuality,,, these two items work hand n hand…..During Bingu u wea da one hu chased ambassador wa ku Turkey for suportng gays,,nw am surprizd kuti ur quiet yet ur boss,devil agent Peter Arthur,legalisng homosexuality…..@ first i thot ur an activist nt knwng ur jst a wolf n sheep’s clothing

  4. Much as we dont condone gender based violence and the zingwangwa killing, i think gbv fight should not only side with women. There are so many times when men have been victims and i have never heard the minister of gender or mabungwe lashing out at women for GBV. I think the fight against GBV can be successful if both men and women are treated in the same way. Komanso its time issues that perpetrate gbv are addressed rather than only looking at men as gbv devils. Where you overlook men’s or males’ concerns it will be hard to address GBV.

  5. kalyati kalyati kalyati hmm hmm hmm…. go lady minister!! tel these vicious animals 2 stop battering their wives nd vise vesa coz azibambo ena nao aku thibulidwa monvetsa chisoni.tell thm mama.

  6. Men use power to ….women use sex to…. But why r u urging women only to report? Your gender bias will not help to solve problemz

  7. Those are just words tikufuna action not that crap mose munayambira muja? Violence ikumakhala action not words inu you are confronting with words. Ndakwiya nanu. Ndikwiyeso kapena?

  8. Choka apa hully iwe. Ukulemphela kutukula dziko la Malawi ndi chibwenzi cakoco author Muthalika. Nkhalamba nht iwe koma kukakamila kunkhala mtsikana. Kubvuna kuvulaza ana caniiiiiiiiiiiii ??????

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