Dont change for the sake of change- football experts warn Bullets, Wanderers

Big Bullets vs Mighty Wanderers

Renowned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) football commentators Patrick Simango and Steve Liwewe Banda have warned Malawi’s football giants Big Bullets and Mighty Wanderers to tread carefully with recycled football administrators who are castigating elections with the aim of bringing confusion in the teams.

This follows recent calls by the supporters who have demanded for general elections within the two clubs.

Big Bullets vs Mighty Wanderers
Bullets and Nomads warned.

The soccer pundits have warned supporters not to change for the sake of changing saying these recycled administrators will brought nothing new to these clubs. Speaking during midweek sports program on MBC radio 2, the duo asked the fans not to change for the sake of mediocrity.

“These are the administrators who were given the chance to run these clubs but they run away and leaving the teams in total disarray. What has made them to come back when the teams have just clinched multi-million sponsorship deals?”

“Be careful with these people, you might ruin your clubs. For example, look at Bullets, they struggled to secure a sponsorship for the past 11 years, Sam Chilunga, coming in as a Chairman and within a year, securing such a multi-million sponsorship deal, don’t you think he deserves a chance to run the club without any obstacle? Wondered the pundits.”

Of late, supporters have been demanding fresh elections for the main and supporters committee, with Wanderers sponsors Be Forward showing disappointment with the elections call.

The George Chamangwana led executive committee managed to secure a K105 million sponsorship package with Be Forward whilst Chilunga led executive committee at Bullets secured a K0.5 billion sponsorship package with Nyasa Manufacturing Company Limited.



  1. Ngati Wanderes mukuti si mikhutha ya mpira ku Malawi, tchulanitu mikhuthayo. Mbiri ya mpira ku Malawi matimu akuluakulu ndi BB komanso Wanderers. Kaya wina zimkonde kapena ai, ndi omweo basi

  2. Anthu ena ndi masavage ndithu,wy saying Noma isnt agiant team in Mw? Taganizani ku England Man U siikuchita bwino but stl ikutengedwabe ngati giant team esh!h usawi Uchi~chi?

  3. Malamulo akuti chani ku ma team onse ?? Ngati nthawi ya Chisankho yakwana alekeranji if not then sakuyenera kupangazisankho full stop.

  4. Also in S . Africa the first team is Olrando but u can’t compare with Chiefs. It means Bullets s better team than Nomands. Both in league and cup.

  5. To all bullets supporters do u know why ur team called peoples team? Because it started with black people and nomads started with anyone one who is black is a person n anyone who is white is muzungu

  6. I agree with you guys Patrick & steve more over I mis u guys. Now Yona malunga want to be back at manoma ,this guy he don’t help he just come to steal be careful manoma

  7. I thnk ambiri ainu u ar against NONA bt dot 4gate dat mu carsburge tina khala ma champ!!mu standard bank tinakhala #2!!den mu tnm mukuziwaso komwe tinachokera ndumaliza position 4!!!dats nut a joke umenewo nde u giant wooooo

  8. What is the mining ov giant? M’mesa amanena team yomwe ili nd masapota ochuluka mopikisana ndi ina dats what w call giats

  9. So u stl believe dat wanders is one of futbal giants in Malawi ? Its laughable thing u will c the giants in ground not on history wanders is like epac , airborne rangers, tigers kkkkkkk

  10. those are the failed administrators indeed we tried them but they failed us what the motive of their coming bak let us watch out we the supporters BB woyeeee

    1. I Always Wonder Wit Nyasa Supporters.Pali Mwambi Amati Mwamuna Nzako Akavula Kumayamikira!Noma Did Gud Last Season,winning Carlsberg Cup,reaching Finals Of Standard Bank,en Finishing On Forth In SL.isnt that a great achievement? Kapena mumafuna tonse titenge superlig,zingatheke?grow up!kumasaporter mozindikira.silver season iyi zawavuta bt stil ndi magiants ampira kumalawi kuno.

  11. #correction ; Beforward wanderers finished on postion 4 in 2015,i think u als remember wat happened in 2014, so why calling it football giant jumping 2 teams above it? Dont make them giant on paper rather on ground! Ndanyoza?

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