Blantyre police arrest 32 in sweeping exercise


arrestedIn a quest to reduce crime within the city, Malawi police in Blantyre have arrested 32 people during a sweeping exercise in various parts of the city.

According to deputy southern region police publicist, Widson Nhlane, the 32 were nabbed last week within Limbe policing areas when police officers conducted the exercise.

The publicist further added that the crimes which have landed the multitude in the hands of the law enforcers include:  burglary and theft, operating business without license, breaking into buildings and committing a felony, as well as rogue and vagabond.

“Some of the arrested suspects are on the wanted list for committing offences in the past and were on the run,” Nhlane further said.

He said the suspects will appear in court soon to answer charges leveled against them.

Malawi police have been conducting excessive sweeping operations since early December last year so as to reduce crime which is usually at its peak during the festive season.



  1. No job done dere! Dey jst arrest anyone dey can find on de way especialy de innocent ones jst 2 have dier files dirtyed with ink & send dem 2 deir headquaters leaving de Criminals unnoticed.Dey r jst very good at arresting innocent people & unless dey r tipped, dey cant find a serious Criminal by demselves even with de investigative skills dat dey r tought.

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