Chakwera congratulates Mwawi on athlete of the year nomination

Mwawi Kumwenda

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Dr Lazarus Chakwera has congratulated Malawi’s netball shining star and Airtel Ambassador Mwawi Kumwenda for being nominated for the International World Games Association (IWGA) 2015 Athlete of the Year award.

In his congratulatory message, the leader of opposition said that Kumwenda’s achievements are not only a cause for all Malawians of goodwill to smile but also an inspiration for every Malawian to look to the future with hope that our present individuals efforts are contributing to a prosperous future for our nation.

Mwai Kumwenda
Kumwenda: congratulated

He further said that Kumwenda has raised the flag of our nation high and the netballer did not reach this level by waiting for handouts or by giving excuses.

The MCP president added that the level of excellence that Kumwenda has reached demands the kind of self-discipline, self-development, and self-determination that refuses to accept the popular notion that there are heights other nations can reach that are impossible for us to scale.

Chakwera also urged all Malawians to remove the word impossible in their mindsets and to vote for Kumwenda so that she should be awarded the IWGA 2015 Athlete of the Year.

“It is now up to the rest of us to do our part by voting for Mwawi so that she wins this award, she has done her part, so let us now do our part by voting and voting and voting, and spreading the word so that she wins the award for Malawi.

“Let us vote today, vote tomorrow, and vote every day so that there is no part of the journey that she walks alone. Let us lift Mwawi higher because any nation that does not win together loses alone. Once you have voted, please leave a comment on Mwawi Kumwenda’s page saying “I have voted!”,” said Chakwera.

Kumwenda is the only African among the 18 athletes who have been nominated for the IWGA 2015 Athlete of the Year award.

The nomination follows her extraordinary performance at the World Netball Championship in New Zealand last year where she had a shot success rate of 91 percent and netted 321 goals in eight games.

Kumwenda, who plays in New Zealand, was also crowned Player of the Tournament at the world championship.

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  1. is the brand value the same?
    how many watch mwawi play each week..How about yaya.
    go in the streets in blantyre city
    and ask how many know which club mwawi play for.out of 30 people probably one one knows and out of those 30 at least 20 will tell you that Toure plays for man city

  2. In Malawi. The ads in Malawi will be seen by Malawians and does not matter who is on it. All these two were picked for the influence they have in Malawi

  3. Yes… Yaya is watched by millions and millions … Yaya play in very expensive football club…. Yaya is working in tiresome and ardous sport… Mwawi is no match….

  4. Kod abusa amaztsatanso zmenez et…….paj zaubusa anazsya, ndnaiwala2

  5. kkkk the moment she realises that she is spent, no chances for her getting married and have kids of her own. Fame fades with time, hence need to balance up all aspects of life education, career, family and social and spritual to avoid a catch 777 situation which i sees Mwai finding herdelf in soon.

  6. I dont know anything, this is why I said: “I just hope Mwai is getting about or the same money Toure was getting for his face in Malawi” on the assumption that he was getting a specific sum for his face to be used in MW

  7. This is why I said: His face in Malawi!! Despite that he was the african face, he was getting a particular amount for his face in specific countries. that is why I said: his face in Malawi. Unless you have inside information to say he was only given a lumpsum which did not apply to certain countries that airtel could use his face exclusively without even worrying. Airtel could use him even in India with this exclusivity deal

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