Cholera reaches Lilongwe

Malawi health

Barely a week after cholera resurfaced in the country, another case of cholera has been registered in Malawi capital city Lilongwe.

Kamuzu Central Hospital
Cholera scare in Malawi.

According to the hospital’s public relations officer Trinity Kaombe, the hospital is keeping a patient who is suspected to be suffering from cholera.

“It is true that we are keeping a business man at this hospital who is suspected to be suffering from cholera, we have collected specimen and the result will be known at the close of business today to see if the man has indeed contracted cholera,” said Kaombe.

She said that the man resides in Area 22 in the city but on December 31 he was at Machinga hospital where he was also treated as a cholera patient.

On January 2 he came back home and went to Bwaila Hospital after noticing some changes within himself and the hospital admitted him to see if he has contracted cholera again.

Kaombe further said that management have set aside two teams to go on a sensitization campaign at the man’s business place on how people can avoid this fatal disease from spreading further.



  1. Poor santation mpaka chorela ku capital city ndiye mmatrading bwa? Mukungolimbikira zokwatirana amuna okhaokha osaona zaukhondo ayi. Koma inuyo amene mukuvomereza za same sex marriage mudamulawako mkazi?

  2. The hospital is keeping a patient who is suspected to be suffering from Cholera!Then z not cholera b/c is suspect or else cross check ur facts then give us full baked news.

  3. Rubbish are still on the Markets this rain season without even BEAM or City Council to remove them just go round and see you will agree with me, and the city council collects market fee everyday including saturday and sundays.

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