Mutharika pardons 230 prisoners

Peter Mutharika

prisonersMalawi President Peter Mutharika has pardoned 230 inmates from the country’s prisons a symbol of forgiveness during the Christmas and New Year Celebrations, Government says.

According to statement from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security dated 6th January, the pardoned are those who have served at least half of their prison sentences, with good behavior and were not convicted of serious offences and some are critically ill prisoners.

”In Malawi, one of the most impoverished countries in Africa, the living conditions are appalling. Prison cells designed for thirty prisoners now house up to one hundred and sixty” reads a statement by Joa Silva, a war photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.




  1. Akulimbana Ndizophweka Kusiya Za Njala. Feteleza alikuti? Njala itha bwanji? Ngakhale atelo palibe cha mzeru apa,zausiru

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