Life to get tough for Malawians in the New Year

Goodall Gondwe

The celebrations for making it to the New Year of 2016 might apparently be short-lived for most Malawians as some economists expect them to continue facing the current economic woes since prices of most basic needs will likely go up because the currency will continue to be unstable.

Senior officials from the Centre for Social Concern (CSC) have echoed the same claims saying Malawians will continue to swim through hot waters because things will go worse in this brand new year.

One of the officials from the centre, Chikondi Mendulo told this paper on New Year’s Eve that the gap between the poor and the rich is also expected to widen making the country very hard to live in for poor people who are the majority.

Cost of living is no high.

“Things will really get expensive due to the instability of our Kwacha which came due to the devaluation of our currency. The inflation rates will also worsen according to our findings,” said Mendulo.

It will be very hard for those who spent unnecessarily during the festive season because they will have to struggle to find money to access the basic needs.

According to Mendulo, goods like maize and other groceries are some of the most notable things which will get more expensive. Records observed by this publication indicate that prices of basic needs already doubled in the past year as compared to the previous one.

For instance, in 2014 the maximum price for a 50kg bag of maize was at MK5000 but it was at MK7000 last year; a packet of sugar was at MK300 in 2014 and jumped to about MK600 in 2015.

Most goods including fuel will skyrocket and Malawians will probably be in hot soup. Moreover, government is also expected to introduce some sky high taxes because the budget for the next fiscal year will also shoot up and will still be dependent on locally generated revenues. Sources within the ministry of finance told this publication that government will keep on imposing heavy taxes on Malawians and will hike some of its services in a bid to generate more revenue to sustain its budget.

“They will raise fees in public schools and the issue of privatizing health institutions will come to reality. People must also expect heavy taxes because the next financial year will also go up as a result of the depreciation of Kwacha,” said the source.

Information gathered indicates that things will not stabilize in this New Year because donors are still not willing to pump in their much needed support – which amounts to 40 percent of the budget – unless some of the conditions they demanded are met.

Recently, the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority announced a hike in electricity tariffs for this New Year, something which is a thorn in the flesh for most Malawians.

As if that is not enough pain, all water boards are also said to be strategizing on hiking their tariffs. It is for this reason that the CfSC has advised Malawians to spend wisely for them to be spared in the impending worst economic woes.



  1. The only thing which is supposed to be done is to ask God for forgiveness since we are facing hard times.

  2. U wil learn that if we dont have resources we dont get foreign currencey. Malawi 75% of goverment rely on donor. Yet we dont export a lot. Oil and other products are going up globally. SA rely on Tax. Pamene kuno kwathu azungu akudisha mwabwana m’boma to dogde tax. Rand yagwa and kwacha itani igwa mafuta on market u buy in dollars/euro/pounds. Malawi tidzalila chakwathu kuangoni

  3. Chipani chafuko,2019 bomaaa,akuona mavuto akagwele uko,chipani chinathetsa njala ichi,sitikufuna kuzaona njala ya 1949 imene inaona makolo athu,Viva DPP viva UDF(our Republicans & the Democrats

  4. mabvuto ali mu Malawi alinso muno mu Zambia. Tifunika kuganiza chomwe tingachite kuti zithu sisinthe. chimodzi mwa izi ndikuika ulimi pasogolo

  5. In sa goverment on more dan one way to generate money like gold and diamond minnes,e-talls,traffic fines from road cameras,taxes,agriculture,just to mention afew in malawi its only agriculture and taxe as main source of money for goverment thats why cost of living is very high members its unfortunate but those are true facts of life guys

  6. In sa goverment on more dan one way to generate money like gold and diamond minnes,e-talls,traffic fines from road cameras,taxes,agriculture,just to mention afew in malawi its only agriculture and taxe as main source of money for goverment thats why cost of living is very high members its unfortunate but those are true facts of life guys

  7. Amandauka namuso cashgate ikukhudzani,mukudziwa amanuwa akulephela kubwela kwao kuno,boma lidawapezela nyumba koma okha adazikana nyumbazo?adawauzaso chabwino muzasankhe nokha pa FB akumatichani?Iwo aja amanuwo akufuna kudzabwela ikafika nthawi ya chisankho we all know

  8. Amandauka namuso cashgate ikukhudzani,mukudziwa amanuwa akulephela kubwela kwao kuno,boma lidawapezela nyumba koma okha adazikana nyumbazo?adawauzaso chabwino muzasankhe nokha pa FB akumatichani?Iwo aja amanuwo akufuna kudzabwela ikafika nthawi ya chisankho we all know

  9. Kunonso NYALA nayenso 2014 anali R30.00 this last yr mpaka r67.00….. Sugar anali pa 1kg r7.00 koma pano iiiiii dsaster r17.00……cookin oil last of last yr anali pa r35.00….. 5lts pano r65::::::: creamola ndye nkhani zinanso ngat pano mukumatumizilidwa ma packets 2 okha basi sikut kuno akusowa iyayi koma muwafunse bwino bwino abale anuwo……from r32.00 up to r50.00……….ndye muwafunse a bale anuwo kut malipiro akukowonjezerani???? Mmalo moyankha azangopukusa mutu kenako misozi………ma plan awo sakutheka nkutheka komwe

  10. Things in this poor country wont change forever, just imagin we had politicians like Atupele Muluzi, Lucious Banda, Mlepo Kaluwa, Nicholous Dausi and many more who were strongly opposing the ruling parties doing like they are fighting for local pipo, but once joined the ruling regim they have muted silent no more talking. They are buzy sucking milk with a deep smileness, forgetting their duties, pushing huge kwachaz smartly into the bank accounts. Let us wait for the last king called Jesus christ, Amen! No one will make malawi better place rather to put fuel on boilling vocano. They just feed their own stomaches mmmmmmmmm! Tifa chowona tikuchidziwa, anthuwa ndi amodzi

  11. As an American NGO an NGO and Malawi. We brought a massive Container of Medicine, hospital goods, rebuilding supplies, wheelchairs, crutches educational goods and many more items for very poor Malawians in the Southern Region. We also assisted over 20 schools and over 30 hospitals and clinics from Mangochi to Nsanje. We were not supposed to be taxed for donated goods…. However the MRA taxed us greatly! We are committed to helping Malawi, but will not bring supplies like this again, until maybe there is a government that will prevent taxing us. $5,000.00 could have helped so many people… Unfortunately it most likely helped the rich. I was born and raised in Nyasaland… and Malawi. I will still come, but I have become very wise to the corruption there. Sad

  12. Zinthuzi zinayambira kale. Ndipo kudandaulaku tinayambira kale. Nthawi zonse zinthu zikamakwera aliyense amaonetsa kusakondwa komano munthu yemweyo umupeza ali pep kushopa zodula zomwezo. Kudandaula sikudzatha bola Yehova akutisunga mmavuto momwemo.

  13. Professor alipoyu, kodi school yake anaphunzira kuti? It looks like he passed theory, practical inamuvuta nchifukwa akukanika kupanga ziganizo zolongosoka.






  15. The Govn should increase salary at list it starts from 80000mk for the lowest grade ma workshop anthu azilandila ndalama, malondanso kumapanga control mitengo bwenzi zithu zilibwino

  16. Amalawi kusanva.mulungu anatikonda kutichotsela akulu aja inu mwati ai tiikeponso phwakeyu. Ndiizitu.ine sindinamuvotere ameneyu. Ndipo osamangotchula mulungu Apa. Sangavenso mulungu pano. Tiyeni tinve ululu basi.

  17. it is by grace that despite that l was born and raised here in Malawi,despite that am stil living here in Malawitam Glad to say that am not a Malawian

    1. I differ wth yu, its nt abt choosin where to born bt rather workin together in truth n honest, i strongly believe vat collectively ideas can change our nation to a better place to live for now n forever.

  18. guys coz of not travelling u think those things are expensive here in RSA a50kg of maize meal is At R312 though they sell it in 12.5kg at R78 so ucan multiply that. R312 TIMES K38 is equal K11856(that is for 50kg. sugar in RSA is the same price like in dont blame gvnt here things are tough every where

    1. I May Agree Wth You, But One Thing, It Also Depends On How People Earn Money/a Living,
      u gt R4,000 or more per month, in Malawi you may get K11000-K21,000 per month for the same job ur doin

    1. kuno man muzalimba Nazi mavuto kuno nde ndi dhiwaxi bolanso kumudxikonso osamangofera lable @ joweni beers uzatipeza komkuno ase anthu smilies ngati Ana kufuna kubwelera kumalawi nde umvekele Joni Oky beers

  19. kkkkkk kkkkkk pali zina munthu ukamanva umaseka mmalo moti ulile, sukukhala kusangalala koma kufika potopa nako kulila, zimandikhudza kwambiri anthu mukamalekeza utsogoleli wapano ndiwakale, ndifunse nawo kuti mukamati ntendele ngosaamba mukutanthauza chani? ndipo inuyo mtendelewo mwauona kuti? utsogoleli wapano akulu ndiusogoleli wakuba wakupha komanso nkhaza, ndikuziwa mutha kukhala ndimafuso ambiri pankhaniyi, koma choziwika chakuti pamene mwanena kuti mavuto sazatithela nde kuti mtendele mukuvomeleza kuti kulibe , chifukwa mavutowa okhawo paokha ndiko kusowa kwa mtendeleko, mungandiuze kuti pa anthu 20 kumamizi ndi anthu angati amene Ali ndichakudya kapena malo ogona abwino? mukamakamba zinthu muziganizila Kaye mmene anthu kumuzi akuvitikila .mavuto sinkhondo yokha komanso mmene anthu akukhalila mdziko. pepani sindidanyoze munthu.

  20. Why should we malawians buy items at an exorbitant prices yet they are made right here in malawi. in other countries governments regulate the prices of goods and items yet here in malawi our govt doesnt do that which gives an opportunity for some selfish individuals to raise the prices of items. of course there are alot of factors that contribute to raising cost of an item but that doesnt justify the fact that an item should be sold ay exorbitant price as if it is being imported. malawi govt help us, this is ur duty.

    1. i ask myself 100+ unanswered questions as to why imported goods are cheaper than domestically produced goods? these politicians are selling our country. they must all pack and go.

  21. I can now see that u’r page stands for MCP. Well just wait till 2019. I’ve never seen any postive post about muthalika on u’r page. Is he wrong in everything? Tell me how many countries are things going down right now. Eg, RSA rich in resources is suffering economicaly, what can mlw do? we are a land locked country poor in resources,cashgate still having an impact till now, we need to have constructive criticism. I agree where things are going wrong we need to voice our concerns, but not dirty and cheap politics u are doing on this page.

  22. Gyz I think the gd decision timupange tipoti bcz ameneyi si Malawian kma wabwera ndicolinga cofuna kuwononga malawi so tiyang’anira zimenezi mpaka liti?

  23. Mulungu wathu ndiwabwino nthawi zonse amabvomereza chimene ife tikuchifuna, ngati utafuna kuti udzakwere galimoto usanamwalire mwa chikhulupirilo changa izi zimathekadi nde ife ma nyasa tinasankha kukhala mu Malawi a moto sindikuwona chodabwitsa tikudutsadi mu Malawi amoto izi ndizomwe tinasankha palibe ndi president m’modzi yemwe adzasinthe zinthu mdziko lathu tiyenerabe kuyenda mu Malawi a moto basi mufune musafune mtendere ngosayamba kma mabvuto sazatithera

  24. If you say this problem is all over the world ,which country you comparering with Malawi ? The truth is JB and muluzi are the worst leaders we had in Malawi,jb is the 1 who destroyed Malawi completely , she was the 1 who devalue the kwacha but now u just say Gudo and Peter must go, who do you want to be president?

    1. Nthawi imene amamwalira Bingu zinthu zinali zitayipa kale madala, osanamizila Jb and muluzi, utsogoleli ndi kuphunzira ndi zosiyana

    2. Chofunikira tingovomereza kut dziko lathu ndilovutika,kusiyana ndikuti tizingolozana zala.Mtsogoleri aliyense alindikufooka kwake,ndipo tisayembekezere kut adzabwera msogolelri yemwe adzatumikire Malawi zinthu ndikusintha.

    3. JB gayz musamubakile iye ndimodzi amene walowetsa dziko lamalawi pansi sindikuloza chala ai koma ndizochita kuwonekelatu zimenezo inde ndivomeleze kuti palibe tsogoleli amene adzasithe zithu izo ndizowona ngakhale nyengo ya malemu Bingu mu ndime yachiwili zithu zidali worse komano Bingu udalidi ntunda ndipo akadatha kusitha malawi inuyo zimenezo muzikhulupilile ndalama zidabedwa muthawi ija koma ndiangati mwa ife amalawi tidatulukila sanga? nanga jb ndiangati amalawi amene tidazidziwa sanga? khulupililani kuti amayiwa dzikoli analiwonga.

    4. Jb sakuyendetsa dziko musiyeni. Naye anapeza nyasi bt adayesetsa pa umayi wake. Kwacha ikupitilira kugwa panakali pano movetsa chisoni, kapena akugwetsaso ndi jb ku opposition? Bambo ngat alibe masomphenya banja limakhala losauka

    5. JB anapeza dziko on the verge of collapsing tikuchita kusowa sugar kumagona panzere kufuna mafuta and soft drinks magetsi nde sindinena wakhungu yekha ndamene sanaone Koma kumva Koma izizi kuthere 5 years kaya

    6. aayaya ndizimenezo dpp lamulani up to 2019 zofuna za anthu.kodi munthu amalamula asakudziwa mmene nkhasu limawawila.dpp fans akudyelera palibe akuona vuto

  25. Please APM just resign from your post. I believe that if Malawians had a chance to choose who should die today, you would have been voted to the grave today. Thank God for he is a God of second chance. Don’t die of high blood pressure. just resign and be free.

  26. Which part ya malawi kmene amagulisa sugar 300mk kti nanuso a news24 mwayamba bozatu whole year ibought on 500ndekt amatibela ndi a shoprite omwe

    1. ee timagula 299
      akulamulira anthu osaphunzira
      lero akuti ma lord worshipped the kwengwe zawakanika, zambia yakudyetsani anthu ophunzira,

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