Police happy with uneventful festive season


Malawi police in the Southern Region have commended people in the region for observing precaution measures that the police put in place for the Christmas Eve with the aim of reducing criminal activities in the region. The remarks follow a low number of reported crimes and road traffic accidents during the season.

Speaking to the local media, spokesperson for Southern Region Police James Kaledzera said that the police together with the public at large worked hand in hand in achieving the feat.

policeAccording to Kaledzera, this came about because road users were responsible in many terms that are considered on the road.

“We are happy to report that the southern region police did not register any reports of criminal and traffic accidents on Christmas Eve because people were responsible and they did not drink and drive,” he said.

He, however, asked people to continue observing the measures as the festive season is not yet over. Meanwhile, Limbe police has received two reports concerning people dying from excessive beer drinking.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Limbe Police Pedzisai Zembeneko said the reported deaths were of Luka Chitekesa (60) and Susan Romani (46).

According to Zembeneko, Chitekesa went to a beer drinking place with an empty stomach where he drunk over 300mls of Kachasu and later collapsed.

After taking him to Bvumbwe Research Health Centre, he died and a postmortem from the health centre showed that he died due to excessive beer drinking.

Chitekesa is from Khunenke village, Traditional Authority Bvumbwe in Thyolo district while Romani hailed from Maria village, Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre district.

The police have since advised people to be responsible when it comes to beer drinking.



  1. Iwe Nd Wa DPP eti,ndiwe watsankho,tsono tadekha ndkukumbuse zomwe zachtika zulo mayi wamwalila uja galimoto litagunda tizti sunave iweyo,uzidekha usanalembe,

  2. 25% of road accidents in malawi are caused by drink alcohol and drive! my conclusion is 75% of road accident are caused by sober men who drinks coffee,sobo,coca cola,fantas and other minerals!!! kkkkkkkk #joking

  3. Nkhani Siyosowa Ndalama Yomwela Kapena Yotulukilg Pa Belo Koma Kuzindikila Kuti Chrismas Ndi Chani Ndife Apaize Sititengela Phuma Kikiki

  4. Komansotu ndekuti mwaiwala nanga Anafa ndi chitayouja singozi ?Ndichimoodzi mmodzi ngozii always malipoti anu Amakhala osagwila mtima

  5. Komansotu ndekuti mwaiwala nanga Anafa ndi chitayouja singozi ?Ndichimoodzi mmodzi ngozii always malipoti anu Amakhala osagwila mtima

  6. Coz they had no money, how can they drink and drive when they have no money for the beer and fuel. Anthu aba bwanji alibe ndalama zozitulutsira pa bail kkkkk.

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  9. malawi24 try to do as nyasatimes write de whole story here on facebook we don’t have to open links some of us are using free data

  10. And to conclude that people did not drink and drive is wrong hahaha. Criminal reports and traffick accidents are not the only indicators that pple got drunk and drove, they are just some of those things that can happen when people drink and drive. The attribution is not easily traceable,,,It could be because pple were just more careful, or the roads r in good condition esp limbe highway lol, or most of pple were in lilongwe at morgan heritage CD live show kkkkk or so many other factos could also explain the same. So the conclussion is not correct according to me

    • I also feel so. The reasons attached to the findings are not adequate. To say they did not drink and drive is fallacious, pple drink and drive to homes without causing accidents, also almost 73% of the accidents are not alcohol related. Driving of cars and movements are indicators of spending, the more pple spend the more they use transport etc. Their research is shallow!