‘Be alert’, medics advised

Peter Kumpalume

People working in Malawi’s public hospitals have been advised to be alert so that they should easily detect fake doctors.

Minister of health Peter Kumpalume said public health staff should be alert and vigilant in order to spot bogus doctors.

“We are urging medical staff in various public hospitals to be alert in order to spot fake doctors,” said Kumpalume.

Peter Kumpalume
Kumpalume: We need change.

He added that if health practitioners were alert at all times there would not have been an alarming rate of bogus doctors in 2015.

The year 2015 was marred by a series of reports of fake doctors who were working in various public hospitals.

One of the incidents occurred in Mchinji where Veriano Fungulani posed as a medical doctor at Mchinji District Hospital but he was arrested and given a seven-year jail term.

This was the fourth incident to occur over the year as some fake doctors were also caught at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.



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  2. Zachibwana basi. lne mwalo moti ndi dzikufusani za locum yanga ndidzikhala busy ndizimenezi!? where is medical council!? tell medical council its where they deal with this issues!!!!!!!!!

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