Ministry of gender happy with 2015 progress

Dr. Mary Shawa

Malawi’s ministry of gender, children, disability and social welfare says the year 2015 had its own challenges but there were a lot of successes.

Principal in the ministry, Dr Mary Shawa, said they are satisfied with the way gender related issues had been tackled this year though there had been some challenges.

Dr. Mary Shawa
Dr. Mary Shawa; We had some light.

“We had challenges but there were a lot of success and we are satisfied with the way the the country has reduced gender based violence,” said Shawa.

Shawa further said that within the year Malawi had won different awards and had signed many international conventions on safeguarding human rights.

A few months ago, minister of gender Patricia Kaliati was awarded at the Southern African Development Community (SADC) for her efforts in accelerating the gender protocol. 

Her Principal secretary Shawa also received an award for her technical assistance in both international and local support to the mainstreaming of gender protocols.

But Shawa said that Malawi could have won four awards for its job well done and its strides to end gender based violence in the country



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