‘Peoples Party is still strong’

Ken Msonda

Malawi ex ruling  People’s Party says (PP) the party is not divided and it is still strong in the Northern region despite the firing of the party’s provincial chairman Christopher Mzomera Ngwira.

Speaking to the local media, PP spokesperson Ken Msonda said their party is not divided and it is only a matter of having different opinions in a democratic party.

“Our party is still strong in the North, we just have different opinions, that’s what happens in democracy and in PP we allow everyone to express their opinion,” said Msonda.

Ken Msonda
Msonda: We are strong.

He further said that the PP is the only party that served Malawians well in the two years it was in power and that is why Malawians want the former President Joyce Banda to come back home.

Msonda further said that they are done with the Mzomera issue and their party respects democracy which goes together with responsibility.

PP fired Ngwira claiming that he was causing confusions in the party as he was proposing that the former vice president Khumbo Kachali should assume power in the absence of the party’s president Banda.

It is alleged that district and constituency governors in the North supports Ngwira’s proposal.



  1. Koma awa ndi maloto amunthu wakufa, olo zipani zonse zitatha ndi kuyima ekha huleyu, olo kampeni yeke atati wina aliyense akamulowe, sangawinebe poti.

  2. JB tamangotumikilani azimunanu osamalimbana nd zintchto zamunazo ayi munali momwemo mwangoononganazo dzikolo! !

  3. Haha wi’re al eyes open on pp’s devastetn, baz limbitsan mtima


  5. She is fully of nosense, insteady of coming in open ground to prove her strongness but she is hiding in a foreign land and blowing the air in such manners. No sigle vote for her. She mst stay dere.

  6. kupepetulidwa chani? Kuvotera pp kapena mcp mkuzitayitsa nthawi bolanso osavata coz palibe zipani zimenezi zingaphure mu 2019 muno

  7. Chanzeru chomwe anapanga a pp ndi chani choti mpaka 2019 angazawine nacho, wina ndi uyo kandalama anati bera kaja akungodya yekha komwe aliyeko pamene wina kuno mutu uli biiii amvekere amayi omweo, zaziiii.

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  9. Future of PP hangs on JB. What DPP has done in orchestrated attacks on JB concerning cashgate can definately make the popular as a symphatic support. This only if,and a strong IF JB can prove thr allegations as total lies. It will not be easy to do so, but truth sets one free. DPP has no strategy other than blame game or that secret weapon

    1. Dont cheat pple here PP will nevr bounce back unless if they put their house in order JB shod come back to prove critics wrong then she shod start rebuilding the party 4rm grassroot

    2. Read my comment slowly and you will find we are talk8ng the same thing. i dont believe in dismissing someone right away. There is always human element to consider. we have been brainwashed not to give JB her part of the story. Reading between the lines,one is tempted to think she is deliberately made to be away through telentless propaganda

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