Chiradzulu Council fears K133m project will be abandoned

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Chiradzulu District Council has expressed dissatisfaction with the progress of construction work for new district council offices and says it fears the project will be abandoned.

The council is concerned with the delays by the contractor, Nangaunozge Building Contractors, who seems not to mind the contract period agreement for the project.

In an interview with Malawi24, Chiradzulu District Commissioner, Ali Phiri, said the work that the contractor has done is not matching with the projected duration of the construction work.

He explained that the project’s duration is 18 weeks but 8 weeks have already passed yet the contractor has not excavated the foundation.

Money“This is week number 8 but even the foundation has not been excavated and no brick is inside, I am very worried at all if the project is going to be within the period.”

“This is worrying because inflation comes in when prices rise the contractor starts to claim more on what he is supposed to get but the funds that have been allocated to the project are limited,” he said.

He added that they do not see any more money being pumped into the project if such a scenario arises and the project may end up being abandoned.

He further said that the council had a meeting with the contractor to discuss the issue and they have since started to see some changes on the contractor’s part.

“We have tried to talk to the contractor because the past six weeks he was using manual labourers to dig with hoes and picks and following the meeting we had he brought a grader machine to work on the site,” said Phiri.

The project, which will cost K133 million, is being implemented under the Local Development Fund (LDF).

11 thoughts on “Chiradzulu Council fears K133m project will be abandoned

  1. Vuto lopereka ma contract kwa ma contractor osaziwa ntchito ndilimenero, cholinga a Procurement adyepo. eishh problems.

  2. Chiradzulu has more urgent problems than new council offices! Just think what differences K133 million would bring to so many of the families living in that District!

  3. What’s the chiefs reaction when they see this,if they’re doing nothing-shake them up,ufumu usamangokhalila kuweruza milandu ndi kugawa malo ayi.People of Chiladzulu,this is your responsibility,be wise and speak out if things are not going well.

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