Catholic Church Condemns same-sex marriage


The Roman Catholic Church in Malawi has condemned same-sex marriages describing them as “sinful”.

According to Bishop Martin Mtumbuka of the Karonga Diocese, same sex-marriages go contrary to teachings of the Holy Bible.

Mtumbuka was speaking during a Catholic Women Organization annual meeting held in the diocese.

Bishop-Martin Mtumbuka

Bishop-Martin Mtumbuka: Says homosexuality is a sin.

Speaking at the function, minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, George Chaponda said Malawians have power to approve same sex marriage without interference from the international community.

“As a country we may wish to have same sex marriages but we need to consider what Malawians want, even in the United States of America, not all states have opted for same sex marriages because the issue is sensitive,” said Chaponda.

Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) has commended Malawi government for dropping the charges levelled against two gays, Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani, who were arrested for being suspected of having sexual intercourse.

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