Scarcity of maize hits Likoma Island


As 2.8 million Malawians are expected to face hunger in the country due to the heavy rains experienced early this year which washed away most people’s crops, scarcity of maize has hit Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) depots in Likoma Island.

Reports reaching Malawi24 indicate that people in Likoma Island are sleeping at Admarc depots just to buy maize to feed their families.

Since the growing season has begun, people in the district are supposed to be working in their gardens but they are instead spending much of their time at Admarc.

Maize Malawi

Scarce in Likoma.

This comes after government reduced quantity of maize stock in Admarc depots from 10,000 50 kg bags in 2013 to 200 50kg bags in 2015.

Some Admarc employees in Likoma have taken advantage of the situation and are demanding K500 from anyone who wants to buy maize quickly.

Unit marketing officer at Likoma Admarc, Jaffet Hunga, said it is pathetic that people are spending nights just to get maize and this shows that government is not supplying enough maize to the island.

“It is sad that people are spending nights at Admarc and it shows that we are not supplied with enough maize and if this continues the island will face serious hunger,” said Hunga.

He however asked for more time to investigate if it is true that some Admarc workers are demanding money from people who want to buy the commodity.

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