Police arrest man who hacked an albino in Phalombe


Malawi  Police in Phalombe district have finally managed to arrest a suspect who had been on the run over the hacking of a 17 year-old boy with albinism on November 29, 2015.

Arrested.Phalombe Police Station public relations officer, Sub-Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi, confirmed the arrest of Lawo Sambani, 29, and said he was rounded up in Rumphi where he was hiding.

“Lawo Sambani who is believed to be the mastermind of the plot behind the hacking fled after the failed attempt to kill the victim. He was arrested by police in Rumphi where he was hiding,” he said.

According to Nkhwazi, this brings the number of those arrested to four after the arrest of other three suspects on the same case who are remanded at Mulanje prison pending investigations.

Lawo Sambani hails from Mkhawa village, Traditional Authority Jenala in Phalombe district.

The four will appear before court soon to answer charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and Attempted Murder contrary to sections 227 and 223 of the penal code respectively.



  1. muone nawo chochita koma asatuluke iyeyoso ndi munthu ngati momwe aliri iyemo anthu amenewa mukawagwira mumawafusa komwe amapita nawo nanga amakawapanga nawo chani kapena mumangolandira ziphuphu bansi muziganiza aliwanu mwanayo kapena ndi wawapolice mwanayo mungatani mungarandire chiphuphu thandizani m’Malawi wina aliyese musamakondere ndi ntchito yanu kuteteza miyoyo yathu

  2. Lets jst pray so hard,dificult 4 us 2 just & i cn c th@ takng him 2 jail its easy as we cn compare it 2 an xchang 2 the late’s lyf.its unfortunate!

  3. Na apa pokha musadyepo amzathu achitetezo instead deal with him professionally.kufinya kopanda nako chisoni kuja cos mzathuyi amapita ndithuuuuuu.police mphamvu chonde mwina amzake angawone Poole.

  4. God have mercy on us, are people really that heartless? apart from being an albino , they should live their lives in fear not knowing who might wanna hurt them? thats bad n sad at the same time.

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