Two Malawian gays blast police officers for ill-treating them


Two gay men have explained to lawyers about the ill-treatment they get from police and the public because of their sexual orientation.

The duo expressed their predicaments during a meeting which Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation in collaboration with Centre for Development for People (CEDEP) organised with the aim of sensitizing gays, bisexuals, and trans-genders on how to deal with abuse.

“I was invited by my friend to spend a night in Naperi Blantyre where I was assaulted by some people after they heard that I was around in the compound.”

“To my surprise, the police came and picked us and they were not helpful to us. We spent a night at Blantyre police; instead of giving us protection, the police was also ill-treating us. Anyone has a right to be protected and we the gay people deserve the protection.”

Gift Trapence

Trapence: Intends to have sensitization campaigns.

“I did not stay idle with the issue I took the issue to various lawyers but among all I approached, only one accepted but he was charging me 12 milion Kwacha because there is a perception that we have a lot of money yet it is not true,” he said.

His colleague said that one day he was drinking at Kamba in Blantyre and one man told the bartender that he is gay hence he is not supposed to be given beer.

But commenting on the issue, Malawi Law Society vice president, Powell Nkhutabasa, expressed disappointment that some lawyers refused to represent gay men.

“It is unfortunate that some lawyers behave that way because regardless of his status every person either gay or not, has a right to be represented and that is our duty,” Nkhutabasa said.

Timothy Mtambo, Executive Director for Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation, said that he consulted the lawyers because lawyers are important stakeholders in matters of access to justice.



  1. Ooooh guyz shame wat iz in dis happening in awa dez . I hate the word gay and all fucken things thy do koma let dem know about (Sodom n gomollar) guyz muzafa infah yowawa

  2. Tell America to grant them asylum we don’t need them in Malawi. This is all propaganda by those who want to tarnish the name of our country.

  3. America America do you know that what you’re doing is the same system of Sodom and gomora? God will send fire on this planet as He did in the days of Sodom and gomora

  4. yes the homoz have rights…but no1 has the right 2 b acriminal 2 any constitution…,wel sodomy is acrime 2 the Malawi constitution…section 153 i hear_so then 2 all homoz n the country u r n the wrong nation.,thank u angwazi…evn n ur grave u r ahero 2 this nation

  5. America America America,agent of Lucifer.Using your superioty and richness to achieve what you want.May God punish you and your master Lucifer

  6. as long as it is Malawi u will still face de pinch gaysm is a Western culture to hell with dat I age the police to apply an exral gear,had it been that ur parents were pratctng dis rotten behaviour bwezi mulipo?poverty is robbbg us our beautiful and well manerned cuture u deserve mob justice

  7. Is Malawi coming to the point of regalising gay marriage because of poverty? You better entertain all Malawians breaking Malawi raws but not gays.

  8. The fact is, Satan is ruling America.So America is using wealth and might to engange people commit sins that are likely going to fuel God’s wrath.The funny thing is even those who advocate gayism and lesbianism are not gays and lesbians themselves but married couples blessed with children.Remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorah.

  9. cholakwika ndi chani amuna kukwatana okha okha??? kodi ndizachilendodi kapena sizimapangidwa report mumakukamu? asiye adzikwata kumtumbo nanga akukwata inu ngati??? tikambe zina apa

  10. Ngat akufuna kukhala gay azipita ku USA komko kuno ayi takana …mulungu akanafuna zimenezo bwezi atalenga amuna okhaokha …nde akakwatirana okhaokha ife azimayife atikwatira ndani? Eish ma gay akuchuluka bolaso ma lasbian nyasiiii

  11. What about drinkers,pork eater,prostutes, what are you doing on them,those that worship 3 gods in the name of trinity what about them?

  12. very stupid and idiot pipo. we are God fearing pipo. it doesn’t matter that we r poor and that we shud allow such nasty things to control in need of support from west. zochitsiru!!!!! how possible is it for a normal person to have these sexual feelings on a fellow sex partner? I abhor that that vehemently. Trapence ndi amene akupangitsa zimene kuti zipite patsogolo, y is he doing such nasty act perverting malawians!!!! may God show u Trapence that He created man and a woman 4 purpose. God cannot be stupid to do that and u being more sapient than Him.

  13. tidataya kale zikhalidwe zathu zina zotsogoleredwa ndimafumu ponamizidwa kuti ndimachimo. Lero ndizimenezitu tayamba kudabwa ndizinthu zachilendo. Bible & Koran tikuzikakamirazi sizidalembedwe ndi anthu akhungu lakuda. Ndipo pano akuti zili outdated mpaka kumalola kumachotsa mimba azimayi. Zidakabwera zina titopa tokha

  14. How do you define right in your own context…. Right makes sense when natures supports it, and it can not be refuted… Following the definition in use, look at your organ and then bring ur argument.

  15. Ngat akufuna kukhala nkaz mudulen chimapangisa kukhala wam,munacho.ngat uli ufulu tikupasan koma pakutha pa chaka wina akhale nd mimba apo ayi ufuluso mulibe muzikapangila kumaiko azungu komweko kuno takana as a king kungowasowesa bas.

  16. Lawyer osaopa Mulungu ndamene angaimile milandu imeneyo koma kwa munthu otsatila malamulo a Mulungu sangapange zoopsa ngati zimenezo. Mmmm umenewu ndi #Mwikho

  17. Walter Nya Milandu Another Term For FAM President….That’s Gud News To The Soccer Lovers. Congratulation For Another Victory Nya Milandu.

  18. Those practising such Nasty things are on Post Industrial stage of development, pamene iwe ndine we are still on the very bottom ( Traditional stage) lero ukuti ndi ufulu Uchitsiru basi

  19. Amalawi anzanga baibulo linati, kapena nditi YEHOVA anati mmasiku otsiriza muzanva izi kapena muzaona izi.kulupirirani ngakhale musanaone .osakala ngati Tomas Didimo,dziko lapansi lilimanja mwawoipayo (DEVIL).Kaya munena kuti malawi ndidziko loopa mulungu izi ayi mwatu muno, satana atsegula njila ina chifukwa dzikoli lilimanja mwake.NKHani yagona poti nankha mu ufumu uwo wa YESU ukubwera adzayanka chani? Anthu amenewa.

  20. Umphawi malawi that’s why young pple are becoming gays to seek antettion frm rich countries like America n Britain.The govt mst intervene or ask their parents if they knw if their boys r gays.Stupid kids…..

  21. 1000 men is equal HALF .
    1000 women is equal HALF .
    Chosakwana sichiwerengedwa mamuna popanda mkazi ndi osakwana.

    Anthu otere ndibwino kukawayika paokha kuti aswane ngati satelo KUWAPHA CHIFUKWA AKUNYOZA CHILENGEDWE CHA MULUNGU.

  22. Ndinanenatu ine kut agaluwa atiyabwa. U see? These people r being sponsored by big fishes. Had ine been am my Mlamu Peedzy, I’d v jst send them to Mikuyu for gud. These ppo r ones causing all these troubles in this country. Mulungu sangakondwr nafe.
    Zaugalu basi mxieew
    Odi ndzidya mango ine

  23. Kkkkkk Ambuye idzani nsanga plz mudzamenye makofi anthuwa coz nthawi yakusadziwa idadutsa kalekale pano uthenga wanu uliponseponse.Plz, God of Israel heal my beloved country b4 it is 2late.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  24. Kkkkkk Ambuye idzani nsanga plz mudzamenye makofi anthuwa coz nthawi yakusadziwa idadutsa kalekale pano uthenga wanu uliponseponse.Plz, God of Israel heal my beloved country b4 it is 2late.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  25. Koma anakuchepesani anthu othawa maudindo anu inu akaziwa anawalenga kuti atisangalatse inu iyayi koma yakumbuyo anthu opusa

  26. Its only gay marriage which is illegal ? Hw about resbian marriage ? Some women 2yrs ago came on public showing malawians that they r resbians but up to now they r not arrested y but u know wat , what a white man says YES to it NO black man can say NO blv me or not! came wat may! Gay or lesbian marriages will be on and can not be stopped by u the only remedy to stop dat is to teach this generation the good manners otherwise girls of this generation are not fit to be married and are not ready to be called MUM through the way they are behaving

  27. These are sell-out citizens on campaign to destroy Malawi in the name of gay rights. We may not be right. America might be right, UN might be right. But look, Obama is married to Michelle. Banki moon is married. He is not gay.
    We Malawians are therefore bringing chaos and confusion. This is what will destroy Malawi. We are not principled. We move with the wind. Let them tarnish image of police and that of Malawi. Let America punish Malawi because of gay rights suppression. But what I know God created man and woman. Simple. The same God will save Malawi! Whatever, God is so powerful and will show us wonders. People have tried to change the world but failed eventually. We are talking of climate change and natural disasters! Man has failed. God is almighty! Let them do it. God will punish them and their masters too!!!

    • Fact! Or Else,what Does Our President Says On The Matter? I Remember JB Said “while We Are Waiting For The Parliament To Decide On The Matter,let Them Do” It Meant That Permision Granted. How About APM?

    • Fact! Or Else,what Does Our President Says On The Matter? I Remember JB Said “while We Are Waiting For The Parliament To Decide On The Matter,let Them Do” It Meant That Permision Granted. How About APM?

    • Of all the serious problems Malawi as a nation has, America and its allies choose to sell us to the devil. Like Aaron told the Israelites, let us as a nation CHOOSE GOD otherwise God will punish those championing these devilish teachings. KUPANDA MANYAZI!!!

    • You’re right guys. Let us chose God. Do away with SATAN. I know majority of our people in Malawi won’t accept homosexuality. Even if a vote is cast today more than 80% will reject it. Therefore the president will listen to the people. Go by people’s views. That is all!

    • Peter Seduku, should we change our laws now because USA is world police? Most countries in Africa have shown they won’t give in to homosexuality. What do you think?

  28. amabugwe ndinu wotumidwa ndi devil and ndinu ana asatana chifukwa mukuukira Mulungu. Ine kudabwa akuti mabugwewa mumakhalanso asembe, abusa ndi ena ambiri?

  29. Gays are worst than pigs, i keep pigs but the male knows the female…i don.t really get it why some African would be so weak to easily get comfuse and be lured into negative cultures of indignity….I,m not a malawian but i stand with those good malawian who treasure african values more than the socalled west-centric prescriptions

  30. if i were god,iwould hav punished them severe bcoz they are dirtining my image,those human rights people dont fight for idiots like those thy are not human.

  31. @Mvula, apa nde mwanama chikaletu. Chilichonse chochitika m’boma, ka Ku church ngati chichitika mosemphana ndi bible, chimenecho chichotsedwe pakati pa anthu. Ndi nyansi.

  32. Kakakakakaka Koma guyz aikeni mchitolokosi chawiriwiri kwa chaka and then akazapanda kutenga mimba mmodziyo basi muzawaphe onsewo kuti mtunduwo utheretu ndi mchitidwewonso

  33. Malawi law society do force people to represent those that he/she is not interested.please respect the democratic principles of the lawyers.

  34. malawi is a country that is built upon the principles of morality and gays are a sign of immorality which both our society and constitution does not accept them. therefore to us malawians it is unacceptable to grant rights to immorals. it doesnt mean that if in britain or USA allows gays then we too we could. we are different pipo with different values.

    • Are sure the Constitution of Malawi does not accept gays? You are also raising an intriguing issue of morality, are sure all Malawians have a set of moral standards to abide by.?

    • if the constitution of malawi does accept gays then tell me why tionge chimbalanga and steven muonjeza were arrested in 2010? u have to know that our constitution refers to homosexuality as sodomy and there are penalties for that. so to answer ur question, yes our constitution forbits it in strong terms and about morality yes indeed malawians have morals to abide by for example in every tribe here in malawi it is morally for a man to marry a woman. tell me the tribe that allows men to get married to their fellow men here in malawi? i hope u get what am saying.

    • that is a joke. in malawi sodomy laws have never been suspend. for ur own information in 2013 a man was arrested and charged for sodomising a boy in balaka and i heard this on zodiak radio in the programme “chani amalawi”. if u are referring to the lesbian case, then know that at that time joyce banda just said the parliament will discuss that but she didnt say the laws have been suspend. i hope u get what am saying.

  35. ndipo chilangochonso chikuchepa akanati akanati akuchotseni masowo kuti musamaone pofunsilana amuna nokha nokha iwe uli ndindebvu ukufunsilanso wandebvu mzako nonsense

  36. Guy people do not deserve any protection. These are barbaric people,demons alibe ufulu in this country. To be tortured,thats one of the best right for them.

  37. amene mukuti ufulu bwela pamaso pa anthu tikuwoneni tikupase moni ndi ulemu,uziwe kuti mulungu alinso ndi asilikali ake oteteza zapadziko.koma amangochitila dala kuti asawononge.

  38. “I can’t say gay people are dogs coz my dog wud cry as to why am insulting it so I wud rather say these gay people are worse than dogs” an african leader of our neighbouring countries.

  39. Ma gay adalipo, kuchokera mu bible, koma mulungu sadakondwere nawo ndipo adakanthidwa.
    Mukamati chilichonse ufulu.
    Choyamba mudzifunse kuti ufulu umenewu ukuchokera kuti? Mukapeza yankho ndipamene chisankho chichitike tsopano.
    Maufulu enawatu ndiochokera kwa satanatu.

    • Asaponyedwe kundende based on Bible coz we are not governed by religious law but our country is governed by secular law. So it’s wrong to judge them based on Biblical teaching .

  40. All gays and those who support you are uttermost fools, vindele vakufikapoo. Zoona kumakwatana potulukila manyi. Ngati galu woti alibe umunthu sachita izi, ndiye iwe munthu wabwinobwino ndikupusisidwa ndi ndalama mudzina la ufulu wa chibadidwe. Where else in the world one is born a homosexual to claim that mathanyula is human rights?
    Mtambo ndi Trapece muzafa infa yozuzika

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