‘I remain the best leader of Football in Malawi’ -Walter


The incumbent Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President was given the mandate to run football for another four years after beating Wilkins Mijiga and Willy Yabwanya with 27 votes against 7 and 2 votes respectively.

And speaking to the media in the aftermath of his controversial victory, Walter Nyamilandu said there was nobody better than him in Malawi to take the beautiful game of football forward.

Walter Nyamilandu Manda

Nyamilandu: I am the better one.

“This is a sign that the affiliates appreciates what I have done to Malawian football. There was nobody better than me to take our beautiful game of football forward.”

“The legacy had to go on very well and we could’nt handle the presidency to someone who has little knowledge when it comes to running our game,” said Nyamilandu.

The voting process started in the absence of Mijiga and Yabwanya who withdrew their candidacy following the decision by the electoral committee to go ahead with the polls despite a restraining order from the appeals committee.

The duo have revealed that they will issue a joint statement later today. Below is the list showing how people voted:


1. Walter Nyamilandu-27 votes

2. Wilkins Mijiga-7 votes

3. Willy Yabwanya-2 votes

First Vice President

1. James Mwenda-26 votes

2. Tiya Somba Banda-10 votes

Second Vice President

1. Othaniel Hara-22 votes

2. Pikawo Ngalamira-14 votes

FAM executive members

1. Rashid Mtelera-8 votes

2. Alfred Gunda-8 votes

3. Daudi Mtanthiko-8 votes

4. Jabar Allide-7 votes

5. Masauko Medi-5 votes

6. Hubert Mfune-0 votes

7. Flora Mwandira-0 votes

This means that Mtelera, Gunda, Mtanthiko and Allide are now the new executive members of the Fa.

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