Malawi Govt fails to fund health centres in Nkhatabay

Mangochi District Hospital

Authorities have closed Kande health centre in Nkhatabay over what is believed to be lack of funding. A source who works at the facility as a nurse told Malawi24 on Wednesday that the facility is no longer in operation.

He said problems the facility was facing due to lack of funds include shortage of water and medicine. “As of Tuesday, we were told there will be no more operations as usual at the facility,” he said.

Mangochi District Hospital
Hospitals: Have no funds.

Local leaders in the area confirmed the development saying the move has compromised the health sector in the area.

Chief Fukamapiri told our reporter that he learnt the development with great shock since Kande hospital was the only hope for his subjects. “We visited the place and can confirm this with stress because we depended on the same facility. Government must come in fast to bail us out,” he said.

Top authorities at the facility referred our reporter to the district health officer who declined to comment on the matter.

Likewise, Publicist in the ministry of health, Adrian Chikumbe, did not reply to our questionare .

This comes at a time the ministry of health has confessed that things have fallen apart in the health sector.

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  2. In my onw view, this is the worst we hav ever had since 1964. what kind of govt. is it failing to fund health facilities? It means, these dudes have lost direction, there4 they have to tel malawians that they hav failed to give them basic amenities.

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  4. Imwi mosi munguvote Pitala ku Nkhata-ko busu linu. Ndakwiya ukongwa chifukwa pa Kande ndipu tatchimbiliyanga asani wana widu atama

  5. Kusakha molakwika amalawi now we have to learn thru our own bad choices. Mukati yayikazi sikoka ngolo nanga mphongoyi bwanji? Sakho ngwakwathu ndiye pano Malawi wayaka nowhere to run

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