Lack of funds delay release of ‘Pangano’ movie

Chiyambi Mazengera

As the film industry continues to make progress in Malawi, Extra High Media which is producing a Chichewa movie called ‘Pangano’ has hit a snag with the project following financial woes which have since delayed the release of the movie.

Chiyambi Mazengera
Mazengera: Wrote the film together with Gwejula.

The ‘Pangano’ film was written by two renowned radio personalities who work with Star FM Radio, Chimwemwe Gwejula (29) and Chiyambi Mazengera (25) with assistance from a Mr Phiri. The production company started producing the movie in 2012 but 3 years down the line, the film is still unfinished.

However, in an interview with Malawi24, Extra high media commercial director Gwejula revealed that lack of funding remains a barrier to release the movie.

“For a movie to be completed it requires a lot of resources. So due to financial problems in the meantime the movie has been delayed because we have failed to source money and finish the project,” he said.

The group is now seeking assistance from companies and well-wishers to bail them out so that they should realise their dream and passion of improving the film industry in the country.

“Considering the fact that there are people in the country who have potential of video making but their talent is hidden and buried due to lack of exposure mostly caused by lack of resources, we ask well wishers who are willing to assist us so that we should finish the movie.”

“80% of the movie is almost done, we are just remaining with DVD copies to produce the film,” said Gwejula.

The Pangano movie emphasizes the need for parents to respect and protect human rights of girls which were declared by the United Nations in 1984.

It uncovers the conduct of some parents who choose spouses for their daughters based on the wealth of their suitors but disregard the men’s HIV status.

The movie has involved 30 actors including radio dramatists Annie Mlelemba, Catherine Gochi and Chiyambi Mazengera.



  1. I am deeply sorry for the inconveniences but looks forwad as things are in its proper allocations….I and my fellow party official members will look ontoit and manage the movie industry of Malawi…. REGARDS…..Presidency spokes person…

    1. hahahahaha boma lake liti limenelo….za chamba basi….mungathandize industry imeneyi mmene boma lukukanikilani kuyendetsamu… chamba et

  2. this issue of movies needs cooperative and funds. i think ku malawi kuno we should have the organisation that could support movie prooduction in all regions. am also a film producer im workink on two movies “the later days movie and the suspect vail “. All these movies started this year and will be finished end of next year. we had movied quick because we are a group hand in hand with the Elephants in area 25 Nsungwi.

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