FAM polls in limbo: Mijiga, Yabwanya, Somba Banda appeal against election process

Mijiga Wilkins
Mijiga Wilkins
Mijiga: Standing against the polls.

In a twist of events, candidates vying for the presidential seat at the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Elective Annual General Meeting (EAGM) on Saturday have appealed against the whole electoral process, subsequently forcing the polls to hang by thread.

According to a document made available to Malawi24, Willy Yabwanya, Wilkins Mijiga and Tiya Somba Banda made their appeals to the appeals committee which is being chaired by Justice L. P Chikopa against the decision of the Fa electoral committee in the matter of article 8 of the electoral code.

According to three, there was no compliance with Article 22 (1) as read with Article 22 (5) of the FAM Statuses.

Article 22 stipulates that 36 names of affiliates should be sent at least 15 days before the date of assembly.

“There was no compliance with Article 22 (1) as read with 22 (5) of the FAM Statuses to the extent that it has not been shown that the General Secretariat of FAM received a list of names from affiliates pursuant to Article 22 (1) comprising 36 names of General Assembly delegates,” reads part of the statement released by Justice Chikopa who is heading the appeals committee.

Willy Yabwanya Phiri
Yabwanya Phiri: Also against the electoral process.

Furthermore, the statement reads that the whole development has violated the duties of the Electoral Committee as stipulated in Articles 2 (1) and 6 (1),(b),(c),(d) and (e) of the FAM electoral code.

“In order to maintain the integrity of processes of FAM elections, hereby directs that the compliance with Article 22 (1) and (5) of the FAM Statuses,” reads the statement.

The appellants are claiming that the total list of the submitted names exceeds 36, contravening Article 22.

It has been reported that the appeals committee has ordered that elections will go ahead only if the procedure stipulated in the Article 22 (1) is followed.

It is not known whether the elections will go ahead as planned or not because as it is, a new list of affiliates has to be produced and submitted 15 days before the elections.

However, there were no comments from FAM’s general secretary as we went to the press but reports are indicating that the issue is now in the hands of Ashford Mamelodi who was sent by FIFA as an observer.

Meanwhile, Somba Banda, who is vying for the position of the first vice president has obtained an injunction stopping James Mwenda from competing on the position saying the latter has no MSCE as mandated by the electoral committee.

If the polls goes ahead, the Fa is expected to have a new executive committee by the end of business hours on Saturday.



  1. Unlike in politics, there are no presidential limits in football. So discussing the fact that one has overstayed is not on. Let candidates face the incumbent based on policies they have to improve football. The problem though is that affiliates will still vote for Walter

  2. Let the procedures be followed, let the playing field be level. Whether the candidates who want the playing field leveled win or lose, thats not the issue

  3. zixakho za unofficial…… tisavutikepo apa otsutsa sawina thaw zambr kma chlungamo mchakt babawa nde akwana, akanachokapo aesepo azawo kma mmmmm ndakaika ngat ztatheke…..

  4. Amayankha mulungu tinayetsa kuti anthu 36 anya nayo akapangetu hayala yomwe amainena Ku Nigeria book halamu injatu ibwere kuno Ku Malawi inzaimiyimilire achinawotawo samatumbwa pa dibeti agaluwo anya nawo

  5. No one is blocking Walter here, for those who are for life presidency. Procedures, procedures, procedures…Maybe that’s how FAM has been managed all along; skipping procedures. This is a wake-up call. No cutting corners! I wonder why people think Walter is the best when others have not been accorded a chance to prove themselves. Sayenda adatama nsima ya amayi ake kupsya….

  6. Mungoonongapo ndalama apa. Dyera basi anthuni. You are not there to omprove football but to fatten your accounts while players are starving. God will punish you one day.

  7. KENDO. ngati angawine nyamilandu zionekeratu kuti pali chinyengo chifukwa mpira ku mw watha ndiye pakufunika munthu woganiza modzama kuti mw ayambe kuchita bwino pampira.Dont choose nyamilandu again ndi mbamva yachabechabe

  8. Awonera patali kudikila malamulo a fifa amene akuwasintha mapeto a december kt water asazayime only 2yrs awa apitiliza go mijiga go yabwanya go tiya aphunzile kenakake mkuluyu

  9. Go through history you will see that parties that try to postpone elections end up losing. Yabwanya and Mijiga pretty well know that they are far much behind the incumbent, who has campaigned vigorously and has the backing of many affiliates. Wether elections are on tomorrow or will vr cancelled till next year as reported in other media houses, still Walter will be the winner.

  10. All those sAying walter critically analyse them gate crashers they know if he loses they’ll v no office to go for nkhobwe,pple who r making us as nation stagnant.

  11. Kick Walter out of football.!!!
    He has served under all the democratic Presidents

    Malawian Blatter

  12. No guys if u r strong enough go and face walter u cant block him he is free to contest. Go and face him so that we can see if u r strong enough , Go walter go we are behind u. Kod a Mijiga Mpila munamenyapo kuti? Ulo chikulunga simunamenyepo ndiye mukufuna mukhale presindent wa mpila ku Malawi kuno? kkkkkkkl Shame.

    1. The rules of the game must be followed. No back door win is allowed if football is to progress. We need a strong FAM president who can take Malawi football team to greater heights.

  13. zikanatikonda tikadawona ulamuliro wina,,uwu wa walter tawuwona ndipo amatha koma this time kaya dziko ladzadza ndizinyengo ,koma A Mijiga ndakondwa nawo hevy,

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