Walter Nyamilandu to raise gate charges if voted again


Football fans in the country will have to dig deeper in their pockets if current Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu retains his position as he has disclosed that he will adjust gate charges.

The FAM leader revealed this on Saturday night during Presidential candidates’ debate organised by Zodiak Broadcasting Station at Bingu International Conference Centre in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Nyamilandu (C) intends to raise the gate perks.
Nyamilandu (C) intends to raise the gate perks.

Nyamilandu said Super League matches will be pegged at US$3 while for national team matches, football lovers will be coughing about US$5.

“Our soccer matches gate charges are cheap and I will at least put US$3 dollars for Super League matches and US$5 for international matches,” said Nyamilandu.

The incumbent said he want to borrow a leaf from neighboring country, Zimbabwe, where he had a visit recently and had to vomit $20 to watch a football match.

As of Saturday, 1 United States dollar was pegged at MK593.33.

This means that people will be paying about MK1800 for a Super League matches and MK2900 for Flames matches.

Currently, people already dig deep into their pockets to pay MK500 for a Super League match whereas for national team games they pay MK1000.



  1. Nyamilandu has done enough let him give others chance; he wanna be like Sep Blatter or what? He ain’t Mugabe and FAM ain’t his Zimbabwe

  2. Was one who wanted Walter out of that position but after that debate I have come to conclude that he has no competetors and changed my view that better he win it again. Those who are competing with him seem to have nothing to offer to football, they were just more personal to Walter like what most of us are commenting here whilst Walter wasnt that person at all only in his closing remarks when he completely got fed up. We have spoken alot of his weaknesses hope he will be a changed Walter and will fix the areas we have complained of him.” Not all changes brings positive result” I quotated from him.

  3. Am not getting mr so called walter bcz at one point time u said ots your time to go and preach gospel of lord so how come u change your mindset mr,and ndalama zakhala zikusowa kwambiri koma mumangokhala chete isayakhulapo lero ndamva kuti u have implicated in 1bn mwk cashgate at illovo sugar kumpira mwasolako zingzti just park and go

  4. hahah apapa china chikufuna walter asawine kuti azizalipira k100 ku stadium,,hahaha ukhaula izi nde zampira football nowdays is not cheap,,,,waitha ameneyu,,za yavi yavi ku stadium yanyuwani ayi,,,mabotolo oyika thobwa uzikatola ntauni osati ku ma stadium,,wanya.

  5. kma Malawians we have to shine our eyes ths Nyamilandu thng has been on ths seat since i ws born bt he is only killing football in ths country why gving hm another chance, soccer is in shumbles coz of ths man, Tiganine bwno abale anga!!!

  6. kumati league yakuti ndinakalipira 3dollars, can you compare league yakumalawi ndi yaku South Africa. First make our league professional the rest will follow naturally

  7. I watched the debate Walter was very composed he was was way ahead of the two contenders in articulating matters although I don’t support his fourth term bid

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  9. unfortunately no one of us or you the reporters will be given a achance to. vote! and this development will benefit the voters !but its none of my business !

  10. Aaa I can see Walter in office again unless you will participate in voting process. If you are a spectator as I am mmmmm u will agree with me.

    1. ndathokoza kti ma braz mukuziona zopepelazi. kma amakhala akuononga mbiri ya utolankhani. adya dora ya pelemende wina wake nkumayambisa ma debate wopepela apa!! ku xul tinapita, mitu ikuganiza mwa sobber, saangatipusitse awa! monday reporters!

  11. Pipo stop politics of castigation. And this is just football not party politics,iknow most hate Walter for reasons other than competency,but just political(wat team u support). And some support Walter for the same reason…that will never take us anywhere

    1. thumbs up to you!! u r number one!! walter watanidi? anabapo? anakonderapo wanderers? not fair!! ppo r just crazie for change! but they have got to wait alittle bit longer cuz I dont see nyamilandu going anywhere soon

    2. Wat ua sayn its jst a senseless,ofcoz waltr has dne hs bst but luk @ our footbal N compare wit our Nebaz.ku Malawi mpira sukusuntha wangoima,we nid 2hav strng leadership,Nyamilandu amasungira zifukwa kwa anthu ena, we nid to C sometin New then tidzasiyanitse,its not al kudana naye But futbal ndi entaitment yabwino now zimatiwawa tikamangoluza.

    3. Which team do yu suppor, so yu mean he is coming to support a certain team, we need change, someone with new ideas full stop osati kaka kukamira

  12. its our wish but we dont go and vote its only the affiliates that votes ,chances r very low for walter to lose, he wil definitely win

    1. Pena pake anthunu muziona,nonkha simungaone kuti mpira kumalawi ukukakamira pamodzi? Tikuyenera kusintha tiwone zina,flames imangotichititsa manyazi coz glassroot yathu sikutipatsa ma player abwino,therez no way Walter angasinthe kuposa pamenepa,wachitako mbali yake akapume tiyese ena

  13. With or withought adjust the so called gate collections the welfare of the players will never change when taking office his twelve or fourteen years ago how much were people paid compared as of now are there any improvement why fooling us u have failed mr president why now not last year

  14. Walter out..out…we need change…he has been in that seat for too long and if he was honourable enuf he would have just stepped down on his own…Malawi football need new administrators with new ideas…OUT WALTER….OUT!!!!!

    1. what’s this got to do with religion?…you are so naïve…even Americans don’t swear for nothing…what’s wrong with this “wanna be” American…empty heads are alwz like that coz they have nothing sensible to say…

  15. when you look at your posts its evident that you arent balanced.even if we had access to information bill you could still be idiots.about these elections you are only talking good things about yabwanya while castigating walter.thats bad reporting u know

  16. This is media biasness why telling us about walter only how about other conteenders.

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