Red Lions impressively thump Airborne Rangers

Red Lions

As the Super League is coming to an end, some teams are fighting to survive while others just want to finish on a good position.

Relegation threatened Airborne Rangers however had no answer to Red Lions as they lost 3-0 in a match that took place on Saturday at Zomba Community ground in the Old capital of Malawi.

Red Lions
The red battle at Zomba ground produced 3 goals.

The match’s early stages were spiced up by rainy showers but the game was played up to the 45th minute without goals from both teams as goalkeepers Christopher Kalira and Jacob Kaunda denied joy for each team.

In the second half, Red Lions attacked several times and had a lot of attempts through Chikoti Chirwa and Steve Ziwa, while Rangers attacked slowly through Asedi Ayami and Davie Chadewa.

Ziwa’s direct free kick hit the crossbar as the Zomba based team’s attack resulted in a deliberate hand ball in the D-zone by Gift Zumazuma and he was given a red card. Lions scored from the resulting free kick through Stevie Ziwa at the 38th minute.

The red card opened up Airborne as the goal gave strength to the Reds.

The Zomba based soldiers found their second goal in the 89th minute as a 15 metre drive was connected by Ziwa again.

In the extra time, Kumbukani Mwambene added a third for Lions to put the game beyond Rangers’ reach.

At the end of 93 minutes it was Red Lions 3 and Airborne Rangers 0.

Red Lions are now remaining with only four games to wrap up their season and they have 35 points.



  1. Ndiye bola akanangotuluka amenewo a airbon wo asale a Fisd Kkkkkk nafe ma team aku Blantyre kuno tainyumwa! Ma team a ku Lilongwewa pena pake akumagulisana ma Game!! Ndi bwino Fisd ikamamenya ndi ma team a kuno ku Bt’s iziwina! Imsa nafe tatutumuka

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