Livingstonia empowering people to hold govt accountable


The CCAP synod of Livingstonia has announced its readiness to help Malawians hold government accountable through the implementation of democratic governance structures in some parts of the northern region.

According to the synod‘s church and society project manager, Paul Mvula, the program will make Malawians aware on how government spends public funds.


Parliamentarians also need to be held accountable.

He said they will be training some clubs from ward level on how government facilitates Constituency Development Funds (CDF) and Local Development Funds (LDF) so that they should ably be tracing how the money is used.

“This will improve transparency and accountability in government because people will be able to trace how public officers use funds allocated to their areas. We will establish some community clubs which we will be training on how to track LDF and CDF among others,” he said.

He added that the move will also help duty bearers to be delivering efficiently because they will be finding it difficult to conduct any corrupt activity for fear of being traced.

In all the parts the program has been implemented, the synod works in partnership with the council authorities for the success of the program. Mzuzu city council authorities have since hailed the synod for coming up with the project saying it will help councillors to work towards delivering efficiently hence developing the city.

The program is funded by National Democratic Institute (NDI) and is being co-facilitated by the Voice of Livingstonia Radio.

It is also expected to be implemented in other parts of the country.

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