Blantyre Water Board hailed

Blantyre Water Board Walkers Ferry

Malawi’s top utility board Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has been commended for reducing water shortages in the city of Blantyre.

BWB has for the past few months been falling to supply water to the people of Blantyre due to the maintenance works which were being carried out at Walkers Ferry pump station.

Government has commended the board for starting to supply water to the people of Blantyre now that the work which was being carried out at the pumping station is coming to an end.

Blantyre Water Board Walkers Ferry
Workers at Walkers Ferry

“My reaction was very positive. I made a statement in Parliament on what Blantyre Water Board was doing to reduce the problem of water in the city. I paid a visit to some parts of Blantyre such as Chimwakhunda, Naotcha and Bangwe,” Minister of agriculture and water development, Dr Allan Chiyembekeza said.

One of the residents of Chimwankhunda, Evance Jiya, commended BWB for the improvement of water supply to the city.

“We are not experiencing water ration for the whole week as it was recommended by the board and what they are doing they should continue. We are very thankful to BWB for installing pipes in Chimwankhunda Dam and for the work which was carried at Walkers Fery pumping station. Water problem to the people of Blantyre will be a thing of the past if all works at Walkers Ferry will be completed,” he said.

BWB chairman James Naphambo said that this year there was a big problem in water supply.

“We were installing pipes at Walkers Ferry so our installation of pipes is coming to an end,” he said

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  1. Really that’s nice job well done by Blantyre waterboard please finish those little problems for I know others like BCA area there are still problem but not like before but with me I proud with your servise.

  2. Kundirande tinaiwala zoti madzi amatuluka makapw inu

  3. A Malawi 24, ndiliti kamuzu barrage yasanduka walkers ferry?

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